Difference between Briles, Herman & Holgerson

I just re-watched the Coogs win over OU. What a great game. OU basically lost it by extending drives at least three times with stupid late hits. Stoops even mouthed “use your smarts” after one late hit. Two were by the same guy. And we made them pay. Plus they could not stop Ward on 3rd down and any yardage to go. We were just better that day. Very disciplined group who believe they should win.
But what was more apparent is that the difference between coaches like Briles and Herman, and someone like Holgerson is that they adjusted the offense to fit the talent on hand. Briles was equally effective with a drop back guy or a guy that could scramble. Watching Mayfield move in the pocket like a greased pig made me think of Case. Just so hard to get a hit on him. And Herman did not make the mistake of switching away fromWard for some guy who ran his Offense. It was apparnent he and Applewhite were smart enough to see that a 5’10”, 180 QB with lightning speed would work out juuuust fine.
Even Applewhite was smart enough to use King’s incredible talent by running the Briles O with King at the helm (50+ TDS accounted for). He just needed some experience at managing personnel. Lost the team with that whole Ed Oliver episode on National TV. But we did not lose by getting shut down.
In comes Dana. And I was excited because I thought he was going up tempo, spread it out, and score a ton of points. But instead of fitting the O to King’s talents, he forced a highly talented round peg into a square hole. The result is Miami getting a very talented QB. Tune comes in and his numbers are better in this “system”, but this “system” is winning us 5 games per year.
And for those that think we did not have talent the first two years, they are sadly mistaken. We had as many drafted as in recent years.
Dana needs to find a system that BEST fits his personnel.
I wanted Bryson Smith to get a shot after King left. All he did was break many of Ward’s records at John Tyler. Crazy good talent that did not turn over the ball and could run like an RB.
Compared to Ward and King, Tune is a TO machine. He may be the best fit for this system. But is this system the best fit for the most talented people we have. And is Dana willing to break out of his box?
My guess is no. With the current O we will win 6 with the soft schedule. But we have the people to win 10+. I hope Dana starts thinking along the lines of Briles, Herman (and even Applewhite) when it comes to getting your best people on the field. Not just the best for the system you run.


We have to listen to some of the people on here. “Program was in shambles like it hasn’t been in decades and we need to give it more time”. Never mind we hadn’t had a losing season in 20 years without a major QB injury and that includes Levine and Applewhite who some love to bash on here as completely incompetent fools. DH has given us 2 in 2 years. DH is untouchable to some for some unexplainable reason. Been watching the coogs since the Briles era. Count me in your corner with this whole DH thing. Something is off when you have QB1 for multiple years that is a turnover machine and doesn’t generate TDs like his predecessors, for whatever reason, and you refuse to bring in and even acknowledge any real competition at the most important position. The idea that DH thinks we will build a stout line that is sustainable through time (year after year after year) and primarily pass from the pocket without an elusive/shifty QB is silliness to me and makes me chuckle in a sad way. Put me in the “won’t believe until DH shows me and 2021 is the year to do it or we might as well cut bait category”. I’d like to see 9+ wins but I could probably live with 8. 7 or less and we should just move on. JMO


The ignorance within some posts is really mind blowing. It was in the two years under Dana Holgorsen (not Art Briles) as the offensive coordinator that Case Keenum became a UH passing phenom and legend. Yes, I know that Dana was hired away to Okie State as a result of the huge success he had here at UH, but by then, Case had a firm grasp on the offense and was well on his way to setting the all-time passing records. But then again, not everyone can be a Case Keenum.


I’m a big believer in looking at High School QBs with high completion percentages and high TD to INT ratios. <60% passer in CFB will usually mean your team has a losing season (unless you are PSU or LSU). And even then they will be trying out new QBs. For our O we need a guy who can get 4:1 TD to INT ration.

If we are throwing 25 TDS against 15 INTs then we are a 7 win team. If our O is not designed, with a QBs who completes 65% then we are not competing for a title. Less than 60% and it is a losing season.

So whatever it takes, new QB or new system to take let the QB succeed something needs to change. Tune is a backup. Every team needs a good backup. But the starter is a guy who puts the team on his shoulders and everyone in the huddle knows they will pull off the close win.


True! Can’t win with a guy that keeps turning the ball over, especially in a crucial situation.

This was much needed. We haven’t had a thread comparing coaches for a good 6 minutes.


When you say adjusted the offense, are you referring to the entire system or specific plays within that system? As I recall, both Briles and Herman ran the same offense that made them the coaches they are prior to UH. Holgerson is the only coach out of that group that blew up his playbook to fit. Many people here have already noticed how vastly different it is compared to his previous stops.

I do think he needs to simplify the terminology if players aren’t understanding. I think that’s the biggest obstacle that this offense has faced in regards to efficiency. You can’t be multiple, if you don’t understand what it takes to be multiple. Coach has to do a better job, but players need to also remember that their level of preparation that they’ve put in these past two years just isn’t enough. They’ve gotta go harder and I truly believe both parties know what it takes to compete at a high level.

This is the year it all comes together. Trust and believe.

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It’s offseason. What do you expect when we’ve had years of relative success and current coach hasn’t produced success yet? Talk about roses or peaches and cream? This is a message board to discuss the state of UH football and our current state is quite different that at any point in 20 years. Polys say this sorry transition time is needed to take us to the next level and we need time but even if that somehow ends up being the case there is zero reason more detail of the current situation can’t be discussed relative to what happened in past eras. Again there are somehow a bunch of blind DH apologists on here for some unexplainable reason. JMO

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yep, what we really needed was another anti Holgerson, anti Tune, brown nosing Briles and Herman thread.


This thread is a big waste of time by Holgorsen & Tune critics who just like to vent and complain a lot.


I am asking moderators this question:


I am all for freedom of speech and expressing your frustrations. Seriously friends you can’t add your comment to another anti CDH thread? You have to create another one?

You are frustrated? What about doing some yard work?


or just



Thanks for your post. I totally agree with everything you said.

Good post and thanks for your openness; it is a bright spot for me to read.



These posts about CDH are redundant. Same thing over and over. Some of you have made your feelings perfectly clear. You don’t like him because he plays a player you don’t like, you don’t like him because he doesn’t play a player you do like. How can anything constantly negative be a bright spot? We have multiple threads about this very same subject and I can only see it getting worse as the season goes on regardless of how the season goes. It feels like a broken record player…


We just want to see some Ws. Every coach to this point in the last 20 years has been significantly more successful in the W department. That is where frustration lies. If this supposed grand design comes together this year and we start winning sustainably year in and year our I’ll be the first to eat crow. I just need to see it first that’s all. Again, some are blind DH followers of the plan which is fine for them, I have just seen a bunch of decisions that have me in a wait and see mode.

I get it, no one wants a winning season more than I do, but how many posts and threads do we need on the same subject?


Some negative and seemingly insecure folks on here kind me of remind of younger children that throw a temper tantrum whenever they don’t get what they want. Oh well…


In the last 20 years our highest paid coach has performed the worst. That’s not good. We are not in the big 12, we’re in the American.

I’m hoping this year we win 9 or 10 games. If we win 6 or 7 games then the last 3 years have been a complete failure.


The alternative is to simply drop season tickets without saying a word, something that apparently a lot of previous season ticket holders have done based on our current season ticket count.

Those of us who still have our season tickets our stakeholders on this train


I’ve seen complaining on the baseball thread and complaining during the NCAA championships on a Cougar team that was doing some pretty great things. No one on these threads seems to be happy with anything. I get it, it’s frustrating, but how many times do we have to keep hashing this out. The season hasn’t even started yet and the team and its players are doomed in some eyes. It’s quite depressing.


I’m sure that most every UH Cougar FB fan hopes to see us win 9+ games this season.

And most of our fans understand that we’re not going to live or die and/or base our personal self esteem on the results of any of those games. And as I understand it, there is nobody on this fan board that is paying anything (ie: $0.00) toward our head coach’s salary.

So whether Tillman is paying Dana $500,000/year or $5,000,000/year is really none of our business and bears no relevance to our game results - and so it seems to me that it shouldn’t even enter into our thought process or discussions about our team’s performance.


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