Difficult 6 game stretch coming up

@cincy, @UCF, vs SMU, vs Tulane, vs Cincy, @Temple. This will be a true test for the team. I am hoping for a 3-3 or better.

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You forgot @Memphis after @ Temple.

Look - we have two games left that we should not lose: home vs USF and home vs ECU.

That gets us to 7-2 with 9 other games. Each of these 9 games is in doubt. Five are on the road. And someone like Tulane or Uconn could upset us at home if we don’t bring it.

We could go 2-7 in those games, or 7-2, or somewhere in between. I’m hoping for 5-4.

Not sure 12-6 in our league gets us into the dance UNLESS one of those 12 is against Cincy.

@Cincy will be tough, they haven’t lost a “home” game in awhile. Game’s in Kentucky though and they haven’t drawn as well this year as they were hoping.

@UCF will depend on how we shoot. UCF’s so beat up right now and struggled against USF after losing Fall for the season. Keep Taylor in check and score at least 60 and we probably win this one.

SMU is hurting after losing their 2nd best player. Team is still deep with a number of guys that can play any position. Scary team, but the Coogs should handle them at home.

Tulane is a revenge game; fully expect for the Coogs to be motivated to beat them.

Cincy will be tough at home. We always have trouble with the Bearcats. Sure would be nice to get a win over them this year.

@Temple will depend on how we play. Temple’s all over the place this year, but if the Coogs play like they should, this should be a win.

Tough run, but if the Coogs are going to make the tourney, they need to succeed against this type of competition. Hoping for no less than 8-3 the rest of the way.

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I dont think these guys have a problem playing @ Temple. Last year we won by 20 or 25 in Philly.

What gives me hope is this year’s team’s ability to rebound and the more competitive options Sampson has down low. Last year, he had Chicken and Myers – both good guys and I was happy to have them represent UH but they were not Brady, White, Zanna and Harris.

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If we continue to play defense like we did against WSU, the only loss I see is @Cincy. UCF just lost Tacko which should make them a little easier to defeat. SMU just lost 2 players for the season, so I am hoping for the sweep. Coach Sampson said the game against Tulane shouldn’t have been played and I agree. Beating Temple in Philly will be tough, but I think we can do it.

Did SMOO beat WSU without the players they lost for the season? I still think they’re a talented team and the in- state rivalry will be tough. I hope we can split with both SMOO and Cincy

Foster got hurt 5 minutes into the WSU win and they still won. Still a dangerous team.


All the more reason to expect Temple to come out swinging.