Disappointed in Dana!

I was really excited with the Dana hire. I remember him as being a real stud when he was coaching here during the Sumlin/Case Keenum years. But so far he has been a real disappointment. The team lacks discipline and the offense is lackluster. Unfortunately, the season will get worse. Just seems like his Mojo is gone. Sad.


Yes sad, we are spending lots of money on him, I too was excited but now not so much, willing to give him 1 more year to see a turnaround


Hey Dwayne. You season ticket buddy Randy. I was at the game today. So frustrating! Not impressed with Dana. He needs to produce!


I was thinking about it while I watched the game… Holgerson has a reputation for offensive innovations. Clearly our offense is not innovative this year, but what sort of innovations are we seeing from any team right now and what do yall think the limitations are to Holgerson getting us back to that having that sort of offense?

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Hard to blame dana when tune couldnt hit the ocean if he was on a boat. Just gotta move on and hope tune improves


Hi randy I knew it was u, will see u next year if coronavirus crap is done, maybe I might catch u at a basketball game this year??

Perhaps Dana needs to return to his success formula…The Air Raid offense.

He wants to implement a running offense to balance the passing offense, but it’s not working against the better teams. He either has a lack of talent on the field to run his offense or his coaching philosophy is wrong. The other option is that he isn’t the coach we expected him to be.

The running game isn’t working against stronger defensive talent, such as UCF.

He has to figure it out, or he may be gone within two years. Thus far it’s Helton 2.0.


It might help to not throw a bomb if it’s 3rd and short…


Question for the football experts…it seems like almost every pass play takes at least 3-4 seconds to develop, even passes <5 yards. UCF had several catch and throws. We used to do that a lot under Briles. WR screen. 3 yard slant with YAC.

Is that a function of our play calling, Tune not getting the ball out quickly as designed, Tune making reads that prevent that type of pass, or something else?


Let’s get this straight, we aren’t spending millions on Dana; Tillman is spending millions on Dana. Dana is in year two, and a weird year two at that, in his tenure. While some expect things to turn around overnight and like to compare CDH’s first 2 years to LTH’s tenure, Dana didn’t inherit a team with 7 or 8 pro players on defense. As for the QB position, LTH inherited Ward.

Yes CDH inherited King, but his performance in the first 4 games last year were not as good as Tune’s last year. Then King bailed on us – get over it. Tune had a sub-par game today. Ward had a sub par day as well and fortunately Postma bailed us out against Memphis in 2015 or there would have been no Peach Bowl. Then we lost to UConn. I think that may have been the only game they won. Do you guys remember Case’s game against Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl? He threw 6 picks. Do you remember in 2010 us beating #5 Ok. St and then #17 TT only to follow up losing to a pathetic UTEP team, allowing them to put up 51 points? That was Case’s redshirt senior year (fortunately he got another medical RS year). QB’s have bad days now and then. Teams have bad days now and then. Coaches have bad days now and then.

Dana is our coach and he is trying to implement a new system and new culture. In football it doesn’t happen like basketball. But even so, remember Sampson took a couple of years to build his record up and the first two years benefitted from games against the likes of Nichols State, Rio Grande, PVAM, etc. This year we had no warm up games in football.

In short, it is rediculous to expect CDH to take a team that was decimated over the last few years and change everything overnight. The standard has always been that it takes a football coach about 4 or 5 years to come in and rebuild a team, recruiting to his system. Of course if you are an established P5 team with deep pockets and in a flashy conference, it can be done sooner – usually because the cupboard wasn’t that bare when you got there and you can recruit on the school’s history. We aren’t Bama, LSU, or even aTm; it will take us longer. If you expect an overnight turnaround, you will always be setting yourself up for disappointment. (Of course I will always preedict perfect seasons and a win in the next game anyway.)

I remember a Taxi Squad meeting at Sonny Looks when Coach Yeoman was asked about aTm. His reply was that fortunately the aggies are too impatient and fired Tom Wilson (after 3 years) who had the aggies set for a run of domination in the SWC and that it would derail them for several more years. I put a hell of a lot of stock in everything Coach Yeoman said. Maybe you guys ought to think about that.


I somewhat agree. I expected more from the offense than I’ve seen so far. (2019 included) Perhaps he just have the right players in place. I’m disappointed but also realize it’s going to take some time.

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Sonny Dykes took over a 7-5 team and was 8-0 and top 25 to start his 2nd season on his way to 10 wins



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UH will be spending when the season ticket sales and attendance go to zero

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Yes he did, and he had his first 8 games against teams with losing records. He was able to tune up on Ark St, UNT, Tx St. But he only finished 3rd in the AAC West beating USF, Tulsa, Temple, UH, ECU, and Tulane. Only Temple (5-3) had a winning AAC record of all their AAC wins.

Had we been able to tune up on a bunch of patsies, we would have a better record as well. Records don’t always tell the whole story.


It isn’t a very good system, nor a good culture.

It isn’t overnight. He punted on last season, so that this season would see the benefit of a more filled out roster and the chance to add talent. He has had time with this group to coach them up and upgrade the talent. It is not ridiculous to expect more at this point. You are making excuses for what has been a bad job by Holgorsen.


Are we going to ignore he’s 6-1 this season and ranked again?

Want me to throw in Jamey Chadwell who took over a 5-7 team and is 6-0 in his 1st year? Are you saying Dana walked into a worse situation?

SMU has beaten Memphis and Tulane in AAC plus Tx St, UNT, and SFA. They were blown out by Cincy. I need more about their AAC opponents to evaluate this year. Of course having Shane Beuchel makes a whole lot of difference.

Jamey Calldwell is exceptional, he is a two-time FCS National Coach of the Year finalist and three-time Big South Coach of the Year, became the third head coach in Coastal Carolina football history on January 18, 2019. However, CC won 11 gammes in 2017 and 6 games in 2018 losing to teams like South Carolina, Troy, and Appalachian State. CC had a dip in 2018, but it wasn’t a wreck.

Memphis is a better win than any of ours. Memphis did beat UCF.

Are you using the same argument against Dana? We beat bad Navy and Tulane teams and got blown out by very good BYU and average UCF. Thank goodness for USF because every other team left on our schedule is better than UCF.


I was a fan of the hire…was.

He was the OC during one of our most successful years (Case Keenum). The reason we were so successful was:

  1. Case was a seasoned vet with a ton of talent and an infectious leadership style.
  2. We would go up-tempo and throw the ball 50+ times a game if we had to.

This is college football. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY wants to play against a TRUE air raid offense.
First, you are never out of a game. You can score in bundles in a short amount of time.
And every time you come out, if you are not named Alabama or Clemson, you have to worry about losing to the air raid.
Against college teams you do not have to run to set up the pass. We had one rush against Penn State in the first half of the Ticket City Bowl. It was the last play of the half. We had 299 passing yards and they could never catch up.
Now Dana comes in, not with the Air Raid mind-set that made him successful here, but of a person who thinks we are loaded with 4* recruits.
It seems like when Tune starts to get in a rhythm he starts running the ball. We had a tone of third downs. UCF had almost none.
The Air Raid takes advantage of the idea that when you complete a pass it is likely a first down, or close.
This is not the great offensive mind of the Keenum days. This is just another guy who is mixing it up so he can show how balanced we are.