Discussion: will Tune get a shot in the NFL?

Is he a late pick or an UFA?

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Might be a 7th rounder or higher if he has a good senior bowl. Even if he is signed as an UDFA, I see him having a solid shot at a 53 man roster for some teams



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Practice squad, so yes a shot for sure……keep improving and who knows.

Look at Zappe this year.

He needs further development but he has all the tools.

He’ll definitely be in an NFL camp

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He’s no Brock Purdy…I keed, I keed…huge Niners fan here who is still in shock over Purdy contributing this soon.

Good size and good arm. He’ll get a shot somewhere.

He is a LOCK to get a shot at camp. Whether he gets picked later in the draft or is an UDFA…ehh flip a coin but I think he does get drafted. I think he has a decent chance to make a roster or practice squad as someone’s QB3.

Possible late round but definitely signed as UDFA. Needs to work on his pocket presence. Tends to panic at the slightest hint of pressure. Scrambling works in college, not so much at the next level.
Note: I’m no draft expert, just my observation. Ha