Disparity in Funding

Article in Houston Chronicle about disparity in funding at HBCUs and mentions UH in comparison. I realize many may not be able to view
the article, but this graphic demonstrates the quirky
Texas higher education system.


Probably notable here that the endowments listed for UT, UH, and A&M appear to be system-wide, while the enrollment numbers only reflect the main campus. Both A&M and especially UT have way more campuses than UH does in their system – that $31B number includes the funds for UTMB and MD Anderson and UTSA and UTEP, among others.


I haven’t checked the others, but UTMB is listed as having its own endowment and it is
560 million.

UTSA has their own as well…

As you will see, the UTSA endowment continues to strengthen, reaching a market value of $164 million, which represents about seven percent growth during FY1

Here is another bit of info on how the PUF which feeds the AUF is largely dedicated to UT Austin

The AUF is held in the State Treasury and invested by the comptroller of public accounts in the same manner as other state funds.
The constitution requires that two-thirds of the annual distribution to the AUF be appropriated to the UT System, and one-third to the Texas A&M System. xxi After payment of the debt service on PUF bonds, the remainder of the systems’ respective shares must be appropriated to the systems for specific purposes.
Other than PUF bond debt service, the UT System share may be used only for “support and maintenance” of UT Austin and UT System Administration.xxii UT System Administration has both general and specific statutory responsibilities, including the general oversight and coordination of institutional activities, planning and evaluation, and the provision of services such as legal and financial services.xxiii The AUF may not be used for support and maintenance of institutions of the UT System other than UT Austin.
UT System Regents’ Rules require that no less than 45 percent of the UT System AUF share be allocated to UT Austin, subject to exceptions for availability of sufficient debt service for PUF bonds and for a minimum balance.xxiv In addition to that default share for UT Austin, the UT Board frequently allocates additional amounts to UT Austin. For instance, in fiscal year 2018 the UT Board approved the allocation of AUF to UT Austin equal to 53 percent of the UT System share of AUF, which includes the current allocation of an additional 3 percent or $25 million a year, whichever is greater, for the UT Austin Dell School of Medicine.xxv


Hope the school reaches ATM endowment with the medical school

Here is another way to think about it. The UT system has an enrollment of about
240,000 students. The UH system has an enrollment of around 70,000 students.
So the UT System is about 3.5 times bigger than the UH System. But the UTS endowment
is over 31 times bigger than the UH endowment. That’s why the State of Texas funding is
quirky and one of the reasons the article was written.

I think it is good for UH supporters to understand these matters and facts and not fall for
or accept the counter premise that they are just bigger and everything is fair.


I will be happy when the endowment can just reach the size of the aTm Foundation endowments size of 2.2 billion.

Good way to illustrate this scam that is the PUF. Any trolls that thinks otherwise is a troll. The numbers do not lie.