Divided States of College Football

Was meant more as a word playoff of the schools restricting games to just instate or regional to prevent spread.

That said one of the great things about college sports was the conferences tied to regions. But there are also many schools that do have fans around the nation due to either large fan bases or playing schools in other regions.

Disappointed it was flagged and gone. Shows how the divide in our country is fueled by politics and encompasses more than people want to admit sometimes. Food for thought regardless which side of the aisle you sit on.

Nfl hasn’t done anything and I applaud those who shut it down early knowing there wasn’t a scientific way they could play football

The MAC’s decision to pull the plug was in large part due to finances too, though, once the Big 10 cancelled all their body bag games.

Some schools didn’t even have money to buy regular tests for players. They are saving money not having a season now vs playing.


Just thinking out loud here.

Most of the big schools like to schedule body bag games. Pay big $$$ to some school to come in, get their tail whipped, sell out the stadium and win an easy game.

Now, what if the schools are having the games but no fans? What would you say to accepting a big paycheck to a big school, 1 and done, for a big paycheck in an empty stadium?

I hate the idea of 1 and done’s because I think we’re better than that. But this is a year like no other. Some schools will not play any other way and this could be a chance to play some of those schools and help out our bottom line. We’re close to many SEC schools and I’m not sure how schools want to fly their teams cross country.

Teams feed off of their fans. Can you imagine playing an LSU or an Alabama in an empty stadium? Plus imagine the buzz if we won?

Hmmmm…Interesting Map. Most of the states that REFUSED to mandate Covid mitigation strategies until the infection levels got out of hand are listed among those playing this fall.


Why is “Taxpayer funded schools and charity/ media funded AD’s will lose millions of dollars” a bigger consideration than “We would likely get a lot of people sick or dead and ruin lives that way”? Nobody ever honestly promised that adversity would never happen, and if they did they were selling you something. But the fact that we’re worried about losing millions of dollars over amateur sports says a lot more about our priorities than being overly fearful or brash about a virus.