Divided States of College Football



Maybe we could pick up a last minute game with an opponent scheduled to play one of the opt
out schools?

Heard them discussing this on ESPNU this morning on my drive to work.

Ohio is a great example.

THE ohio state university can’t play, but Cincinnati, Akron, Miami Ohio and others are still green lit.

I really, really hope we’re able to have a season so we can sit back and watch the heads explode in big 10 and pac 12 country.


Of course that can go the other way, lots of postitive tests will make them look smart.

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ESPNU was apparently incorrect, then. The MAC has cancelled; the only team in Ohio that’s scheduled to play is Cincinnati.


Even better! College Football in Ohio = AAC Football!!!


AAC is one of two conferences playing in Pennsylvania and the only conference playing in Maryland.

I’m not entirely sure any college football will be played this season, but if it does, the AAC should put up billboards all over Columbus, Cincy, Cleveland, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore.

  1. Ohio is American Football Country
  2. Pennsylvania is American Football Country
  3. Maryland is American Football Country

And have the local AAC school logo and football graphic in the background. Who knows, maybe pull BYU, Boise State and AFA in for one season and litter the SLC, Denver and Boise areas with the same billboard.


I hope you forward this to Aresco…even if he implements half of your ideas, we can gain a larger share of existing markets, and establish a beachhead in new territory…
This stuff actually works.
An ex neighbor of mine in Houston is an announcer for ESPN Deportes Radio, and he told me that all the kids in South Texas wear UH Baseball gear (not UT/AM)… you never know what catches on…


The Southland cancelled fall sports today which will knock some down in south (TX, LA, AR, etc.).

Interesting map. Not a surprise. Cutural and political influences at work along with a stronger love of the sport. They may not pull it off for the fall, but its guaranteed if they cancel, they’ll be planning for the spring immediately.

You know that the SEC will try everything imaginable to play and if not this fall, it will be automactic for the spring.

Its been my position for awhile, that football and possibly many fall sports just need to move to the spring,. We have 6 candidates for vaccines. Multiple, if not all probably will pass and be ready by early Jan. College football can learn from the NFL quite a bit along with from the MLB and NBA and other sports and we’ll be much farther along with learning how to live with it better. And finally, football and other sports can go into the bubble to operate for the winter/spring and should be able to pull it off.

But I give all the conferences a big thumbs up for working like hell to try and make it happen. Even if it doesn’t work out and they need to pull back, they will learn quite a bit from it to apply to winter/spring football.

That isn’t going too last long. :laughing:

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Opps, my bad!

Well I removed it, no fun. Wasted my time! For those who missed it, it was a better map but I used a electoral college simulator with all political party mentions removed.

Did you pull it, or did someone flag it?

Got flagged right away so I didn’t want any trouble.

It was creative!

Looks like college football is regional. No need for worrying about all the cross country travel.

Akron and Miami Ohio arent playing. The MAC cancelled football.


I stand corrected

The passion towards college football is more regional and has been for a while.

It would be nice if they put how mnay FBS programs per state.

has anyone considered playing with no fans? add crowd noise like the futbol games, maybe space out the bands…us fans can watch from tv