DL Boom

Joe Anderson 6’6" 303lbs

He tweeted that he is joining the HtownTakeover.


Nice pick up. A JUCO (from Reserve, LA)
Good offers.

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Just what we need. Provide depth next year with Malveaux gone. D-line rotation should be stout once again.

Carter, Oliver, Thurman, Anderson, Vaughan, and any young guys who develop (similar to Carter).

Chaisson is still out there. Rivals did a story today where they think he will end up at UH.

We need fast and athletic d lineman who can play the triple option run well. I bet coach Tom Herman was not happy with Saturday’s performance.


Yes you are correct. The unfortunate thing about that is we have a guy who is athletic that would have been able to make some impact plays, but he got in a fight and is out for 4-6 weeks.

UH needs to continue to build up the depth, so whoever is in the game can get it done.

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Originally an Ole Miss commit out of high school, but grades weren’t good enough and he enrolled in C.C. Ole Miss sort of forgot about him and he kept hoping for an LSU offer that never came.

Huge get for the Coogs as he was a 4 star ESPN recruit and his offers out of high school/C.C. Are impressive. Going to look real nice next to Big Ed.

Like all of the others…he committed, but signing day is 4 months away !!


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