Do newer fans/students not know how to cheer and be loud?

James Kennedy. He’s built a following on another reality tv show.

Know any of the cheerleaders? Seems to me they should be the ones to lead/educate the students . . . . . Maybe they don’t know or don’t pay attention to action on the field . . . . . It’s my understanding that the Aggs use “yell leaders” ie cheerleaders to incite the crowd . . . . .

People need hope

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When I was a student in the CUSA days, the student section was “loud,” we knew how to cheer, loud on defense, quiet on offense, paws up when a player was injured, etc.

After I graduated, I purchased season tickets in a decent section and was constantly told to “sit down” on 3rd down. It sucked, regardless I kept buying season tickets and upgrading through the years and eventually wound up in the lower bowl in the 4th row.

I was told to “sit down” at the NRG game against OU by a very elderly man who was with his wife, but he happened to “put his hands on me” and I whipped around and told him not to touch me, as I’m not going to tell an old man to STFU, even if they may or may not deserve it. The old man was quite surprised but I included him and his wife in the high fives throughout the game and cooler heads prevailed.

TDECU was essentially the same story, “sit down.”

I was in the lower bowl behind the players bench on Saturday against TCU and to my surprise, UH players were telling the fans to get up and cheer while they were on offense…I thought it was odd.

On another note, I was reflecting on the games atmosphere and never did I feel like I was part of “history.” The first Big XII game in UH history and it didn’t feel any different than an AAC game.

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The conspiracy is players are trying to get themselves distracted so Dana gets canned lol

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Are we allowed to take homemade signs to the games? Might just have to have a sign that says “GET LOUD” on one side and “QUIET” on the other to get people to follow.

Yes - if that was Willowridge - Dulles decades ago sell out - no ifs ands or buts - our communities have gotten too comfortable or maybe too middle class to worry about sports as the younger generation is not into it anymore -

We speak on diversity but the more diversity means less folks who grew up on football and all I see now is makeshift soccer fields being carved out of every piece of land available

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It happens. Sports change with generations and location. Used to be baseball was no.1. Now it’s football. Now, younger generation is more interested in basketball.

When I was a kid in NYC, we played stick ball. I don’t remember anyone even owning a football.

When we moved to Houston, I don’t remember going to a pick-up baseball game ever. Just football.

Soccer has gotten more popular with MLS and demographic shifts. I also think the risks associated with football are making mothers steer their children away from the sport. And in some suburban areas it’s a status symbol to have your kid in multiple activities whether they enjoy them or not. There just isn’t idle time like there once was.

It’s not going away anytime soon though.

Lets not be the guy who tells other people to be quiet while we’re on offense. Just let them do their thing and have fun. Maybe when we get 45k screaming we throw up a “quiet - offense at work” on the jumbo, but for now we need people to just get involved. Does anybody like the guy who hears a peep on third down offense and turns around and does that arms spread downward flap like he’s Kurt Warner at the Edward Jones dome?

Didn’t we use to show a “shhhhh offense at work” graphic at games? Maybe bring that back.

football can be very boring…add the tv timeouts and limited explosive plays from the offense…the crowd wants to cheer, but too many letdowns lol