Do we get ranked

With the blow out of the Porkers and our record do we get some votes?

Keep winning and it will come.

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I think we might see a vote or two.

Win the LSU game, eyebrows across the country will be raised.

Is LSU any good ?

4-2. Beat Michigan by 2, lost to Marquette by 10, and got crushed by Notre Dame.

No votes in the latest poll?

Outside of Arkansas we beat an average (as of now) but “name” team in wake. We need to finish by winning the rest of the OOC games and then we will begin getting some looks. Outside of AR we haven’t played anyone yet.

I like our chances.

Compared to last years disaster they are much better in terms of hustle, defense, & decision making.

Help is coming via rercuits but this year they should struggle vs most of SEC.

Waters is a good small guard w shot at SEC Frosh of the year. Reath & Sims a solid big combo but not overwhelming.

LSU seems to always recruit very well but tends to fall apart in the SEC play…as far as being ranked I could care less. We had one really good game against Arkansas…we have a long ways to go before we get to go dancing…and that is all that counts in my mind…bottom line is that Sampson has our program going the right direction. Just wish we had the fans in the Houston area willing to support the team. Moving our games to TSU, as it turns out, might have been a terrible decision…

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Actually, I don’t see a lot of difference. We did not have a lot of support at the Hof and students don’t show up anyway unless you feed them and give them beer.

I am sure that attendance will increase with the new digs. Sampson will field quality teams, but we will have to see how fan support holds up over time.

Maybe a new AD that gives a damn will have an impact.

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Even with the win over Arkansas, UH ranked 144 in RPI. Wow.

RPI’s are useless this time of year.

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The ratings will take care of themselves. I’ve watched a lot of Cougar basketball and this team is going to be very good. That’s “very” not just good.


It was the only decision, unless you think we should have put off the arena renovation.


The TSU arena is easy to get to via the shuttle bus ( easier for me than the Hof) and the arena has all of the requirements for college BB.

UH people not attending because it is at TSU reminds me of Rice people not coming to TDECU because it is not in their neighborhood.

That is the biggest slam I can think of at this time !!

Check back !


And you know for a fact that the new Delmar was not available…otherwise it is just something we will suffer with the rest of the year…

Well, I know quite a few folks that will not go into that neighborhood for one reason or another…and they regularly attend UH football games! It is what it is and will just have to suffer through and wait until the new Hof opens. If we had played our Arky game at the Hof I have to believe we would have had a much bigger crowd, especially a lot more Hog fans…

I have enjoyed the games at TSU. looking forward to the rest of the season. The team has good bench this year. Two bad things though, free throws and turn overs. Won’t go far in the big dance with those.

New Delmar is a half-hour away from campus. Playing there would basically rule out any sort of shuttle service, and completely eliminate student attendance. It wasn’t an option.

We were going to take a pretty huge hit to attendance regardless of where we played this year. Remember that in 2013 the Football program left BBVA half-empty TWICE, and that’s much closer to UH than New Delmar is. Satisfying the probably half-dozen people that are too scared of the Third Ward to take a shuttle from UH to TSU just isn’t worth playing somewhere that much farther away.


For people that won’t go to games at TSU because of the neighborhood…TSU is literally a block or two away from UH…it’s the same neighborhood.

In any case, the parking options are either to park at TDECU and shuttle it over or park in a well secured 5 story parking garage that is right next to the arena.