Do you have a good luck charm or ritual for games?

If so, what is it, if you’re not afraid sharing it would make it ineffective.

No I do not. My only ritual is during March and it’s keeping the blood pressure low


For TV games, one tequila shot before the start. Down at half time?…….quantities vary.


Heartburn and some light IBS


When the astros or UH hoops is in the playoffs, I do not shave. PLAYOFF BEARD TIME!!!


As someone who deals with that during March do you have any remedies? lol

I’m hoping a championship will do it

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Glass rosary from Italy.


I wear red underwear on gamedays. The really lucky pair finally died. Now I have 3 pair. NO not at same time. If I am not at the game on our group chat I become Deby Downer, which seems to work.

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You wear all three pairs at the same time?

My ritual is showing up for home games, and going to some of the away games . . . . .

I always make sure that my balls get an equal amount of scratching……

I also make sure if I take my shoes off they are pointed towards hofhienz/fertitta….I’m not at all kidding……about either.


I wear the same color shirt as the jerseys they wear. I make sure I watch with my fiancee and if we’re down and in public we go to watch it somewhere weve won previously.

I try not to read any of the comments online because i feel if i read them and we’re underestimating the opp they have better vibes there way. But most of the time we’re humble.

Coogs of CV3 has a win meme prepared the day before the game, never the day of. Anytime it’s the day of, it’s a scary game.

(Check the Instagram)



My ritual… Yelling at the TV while my wife and cat slink to the other room where they can exist without hearing me yell “TRAP! TRAP! TRAP!”

Among other things as well…


Never watch a coog game without some type of UH gear on

I was confident enough about Northern Kentucky that I wore blue. Probably why we struggled.

For Auburn I did a complete wardrobe change at halftime, including shoes. Went back to the Peach Bowl shirt that got us to the Final Four. That shirt is really a “relief” shirt that I only go to when the “starting” shirt gets in trouble.

Of course, that’s part of the struggle I face on game days. If we get back to the Final Four, do I continue to wear the shirt? It failed us against Baylor. Does the shirt have a limit to its power?

Getting dressed on game day is a complicated and stomach churning adventure.


I spilled coffee on my Coog shirt today. Bad omen.

Not really related to a good luck charm for myself, but I’ve noticed a trend when Andy Katz picks us to lose we win and when he finally picks us to win after being wrong so many times, we then lose…

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