Do you know the words to the UH fight song?

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Although I still want to say Rah Rah Rah like it used to be.


Love it!!!

Fight for Houston University!

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The reason I ask is because last year I had a long time Coog next to me saying he was impressed I knew all the words.

What year did they graduate? I conducted a very unscientific study where I asked how much pride several UH alum had and I found a correlation between those with low pride and grad years 95 - 2002. I have one that said they were fans of the cow school first. :nauseated_face:. Again, very scientific study. so much so that the data is far too advanced tp post. I are now in the RCIA process. (Right of Cougar Intiation for Adults) :wink:

The fight song is reasonably easy and we play it a million times so I would recommend those who don’t know it just print it and carry t to the games and you’ll pick it up by the end of one game probably. I would honestly be more suprised if everyone knew the school song.

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