Do yourself a favor, re-watch game and just watch #10

Big Ed Oliver is a sight to behold. He even gets quadruple teamed a couple of times he was causing so much havoc. 18 years old. 5 star for a reason.

Where can we find a video of the whole game? I looked and I couldn’t find it on YouTube yet.

Watch ESPN has it but you have to have a subscription.

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Replay is on tonight at 11:30 on ESPNU.

I recorded it and watched earlier in the evening. Nr. 10 was amazing; the announcers were raving about him.

I also recorded the game - just finished watching it again after going out for dinner. Amazing game!

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Damn. Forgot to record it and missed the relay chance to record it again!

Just imagine what Big Ed is going to do to Lamar’s o-line on Saturday. I sincerely feel sorry for what those guys are about to endure. Especially Lamar’s QB.

It is out on YouTube now

They’ll have to triple team him, Steven Taylor is going to have his way while they’re all busy with BIG ED.

I think it’s important we dont forget about the other players on D line. They have sacrificed a lot in 4-5 yrs. That’s why Ed turned down interview to not take away from his teammates.

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The entire game is posted on youtube

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