Does anyone have an idea

Does anyone have an idea of how all of this realignment stuff will affect the NCAA tournament?

as is, not at all…

from the scope of basketball only, not football or money, nothing really major has happened, 2 middling big 12 team are going a middling sec, and 2 middling pac 12 teams (*in the modern era) are moving to the big 10

Yes, the BIG will now get in 18 of 20 teams despite only two being worth a :poop:.


I think everyone in the BIG and SEC will get automatic invites just because they are the greatest.


UCLA - no changes
USC - now automatic tourney bid

There are some good programs in new places. EX: Loyola-Chicago to A10.

B1G gonna have 215 tournament teams going from 2021-2031 yet only 19 of those make the sweet 16 :skull_and_crossbones:

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