Does Appelwhite get three years?

we technically still control our own destiny in the title race…lets wait and see

We didn’t control squat today.


Sob is lucky if he gets 3 months

Really, i like Major but damn son don’t remember last time we lost by that much.

Technically, yes but let’s no fool ourselves, unless there are coaching changes UH is not winning the West.


The only way in which we control our own destiny (to win the AAC) is for ALL the other teams to forfeit it to us.

That’s not gonna happen.


Except that he was tainted by the Baylor scandal and was recruiting for Baylor while being paid by us. Other than that, he seems like a good coach. It took a goal line stand to beat TU at home last year.

I wish I had this much optimism and positive attitude. Not just with UH athletics, but life in general. With things I can control and things I can’t. I really do

This seems like a scenario we’ve seen before. It smells a lot like the hiring of AlVin Brooks, James Dickey, Tony Levine. Oh, there are great candidates wanting our job. We’re gonna get Tubby Smith, John Cheney, Dan Holgorson, Les Miles, Lincoln Riley, Mike Leach. Woops. We got Alvin Brooks. Woops. We got Major Applewhite.


I don’t think he should.

He only gets a second year if we go 7-4 or better, otherwise changes may be coming.

Boise State beating SDSU in 3rd. We could have been back in the New Years conversation if we had beat Tulsa.

Briles - 5 years at UH
Sumlin - 4
Levine - 3
Herman - 2
Major - One and done?


He will be lucky to make it one year. Terrible.

Dude… Half the guys on that list didn’t even have real interest. Holgorsen was using us to get more money, Les Miles wanted to run a worse offense than the one we have, Riley was already planning on getting the OU job, Leach isn’t leaving Washington St for Houston… That is not to say there were not better options than Applewhite, but c’mon… I was for taking Willie Fritz from Tulane. It would have been a douche bag move, but we have more upside than Tulane.

Right now, I would settle for Neal Brown of Troy or Frank Wilson from UTSA (killing it in recruiting and a pretty good coach to boot) if Appelwhite doesn’t fire/demote Johnson and get a real coordinator.

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You seriously think Holgorson, Riley or Leach even gave us a smile? Riley apparently knew he was getting the OU job, Miles is a retread who thrived on boring offenses at LSU, and Leach was not going to come here for less money… BTW Tubby Smith turned us down from the get go and besides he would not have been here long…John Chaney never considered us…

That guy is 2-5 this year, not to mention the Baylor stink.

MA has got to turn the ship around and IMMEDIATELY. If he doesn’t finish with at least a winning record he should be one and done. If does he’ll get at least another year but has to get it up in the 9+ wins area. 3 years of this crud will have set the program back at the time that cannot afford it with what is looming. Cannot lose the student body once again. We all know Houston is a front runner city, that’s life, have to get the vibe back. Right now there is ZERO buzz around town about UH.


One thing you can say about Applewhite is that he can make a pretty quick decision. Hopefully he learned something about that from Mack Brown.

He did see Allen was ineffective and made a change. But then they seemed to stop letting Postma run on the read option (maybe like they did with Allen).

But Mack Brown canned quite a few Coordinators mid-season when they were stumbling. Let’s see if CMA has the stones to make the necessary changes.

Putting a number on a coach is asinine. You’re not factoring in injuries or anything else that might happen. It’s also not going to attract decent new hires who are held to some sort of ridiculous standard for a non P5 program.

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That is the biggest problem with the loss. Now, frankly, all the rest look like potential losses as well.

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He gets three years since the cupboard is bare, he is bringing in quality talent. We will see.