Does Appelwhite get three years?

If so, these three years could probably be worse than Levine. I worry that the program may be totally irrelevant by then. I worried when he was hired that it was a mistake. Way too low key and low energy.

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He is the worst. I hated the hire.

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I honestly believe at this point we will be 5-6. Unless he cleans house and rehires new coordinators, he’s gone after two, but damn that is a big buyout.

Only way we can be 6-6 is if we go 6-5 regular season and lose the bowl game

Bad math on my part. 5-6 no bowl.

What 2 regular seaosn games do we win? I will count ECU. 2nd worst team we play put 60+ points on the team we just lost to

I am trying to stay calm. But I am embarrassed… this loss will hurt for a while. 45 points to the worst team in football. There is something wrong.

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I can’t handle 3 years of this. It will ruin our program.

Our program was trending up over the last decade and this is a huge setback.

I didn’t like this hire but I was willing to give it a shot. It’s clear now that it is low energy, boring football.

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I have to believe that Dr. Khator and Mr. Fertitta will not stand for this to continue. If I remember correctly, the mandate was nine wins or greater.

I certainly hope that’s the case. This style of football will set us back years if we stick with it.

The OC hire is the problem. Fire him now.


It’s obvious to me he’s not a head coach. Just because you’re a good assistant doesn’t mean you’ll be good HC. If we continue to see this, next year could be a big one for MA.

He’d hire the same style coach. The AD, President, Chairman would have to force a different style OC on him

We need to start a petition addressing Fertitta and Khatoor for a new HC hire

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Of course he gets theee years.

Im not so sure with the way his contract was structured.

How was it structured that gives you hope for two years? I believe there’s no chance he stays fewer than three years.

We just didn’t get that much interest in the HC position.

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There isn’t a single reason for our lack of competitiveness this year?
– QB: The #1 nationally recruited QB didn’t get it done; neither has a reliable replacement QB. Is it on the QB? Isn’t it time to consider DK?
– OLine: Thank the good Lord we had GW last year. How many plays did he make with his legs? How could we have no ground game today playing against a 3-man D for most of the day? (Maybe I over-exaggerate) Are we recruiting to fill this need?
– Defense: Recognizing that Tulsa (1-4) is a 99% running offense, how can we not defend that? (I sure hope Oliver’s injury isn’t serious. If so, they should just sit him until he’s completely healed.)
– Talent: I’ll never criticize our student athletes, but is it possible our cupboard is more “bare” than what we thought?
– Coaching: Are our schemes designed to accommodate the players we have, or are they just sorely lacking?

Lastly: How do we, or can we, recover from this loss? For the rest of the season? A disappointing, bitter loss.


Just that it makes much less painful to jettison him.

We should have hired the guy that whipped applewhite today.