Does Basketball Success Help Football

Just thinking, does our recent success in basketball keep the Coogs fresh in people’s minds so it helps with interest in football. Also, could it subconsciously get some AP/Coach’s Poll voters/CFP voters to rank us a bit higher because of the basketball success (assuming we have some big wins this year)?

Any thoughts?

In terms of what you’re saying, probably not. In terms of a raised profile, keeping our brand out there, etc. Absolutely the biggest thing is keeping the city excited for the University.

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There’s some crossover of football fans to basketball but it’s miniscule. Just look back two seasons when basketball forum posters were posting in the football board cajoling people to come to the games.

the national picture for football wont change because of basketball success.

BUT it’s always good to have our name out there year round.

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For local recruits it helps keep us in their minds and associates us with success.


When a school has success in one sport, it gains respect as good in it. When a school has success in more than one sport, it builds brand.

Think of schools that have good football and basketball. Not many come to mind. Names like Michigan and Ohio State come to mind.Those are good brands.

Schools that have success in multiple sports contribute $ to their conferences.


In terms of setting ourselves up for possible realignment, success in basketball and football are extremely important. I should emphasize consistent success. Building the brand, having our name on the national attention span and local news are huge.


In my view, not really.

If it did, then Duke would have been great for decades in something besides basketball.

It surely doesn’t hurt. A whole lot of football players are also big basketball fans, and a good team to watch in the offseason is nice to have.

Big basketball schools formerly in the BIg East didn’t translate into football powers.

Yes but IMO their basketball eyeballs gave them a short period of high payout for football when they really had not earned it on the football field.

In other words, basketball subsidized their football program which is the opposite of the norm.

Yep, in terms of direct financial benefits, you are correct. In terms of raising the PR profile and brand of the school in general, a good basketball coupled with a good football program will go very far. I think the PAC schools and a few Big 10 schools are good examples of this. Even our track and field program is having this effect, especially as we have been competitive against the SEC.


I remember back in 2006 when Florida won the championship in football and basketball but they found great coaches in Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan.

This also helped the SEC win like 7 championships in a row for football.

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IMO, it’s not important to compare the value of basketball to football at UH. What’s important to Cougar grads and fans is that we are nationally competitive in all sports.