Does Chaney have a chance to get the waiver or not?

He’s most definitely absolutely needed this up coming year.

You can say Deeky this and Deeky that and Mills can score but ultimately what it comes down too in the big games is if you have the dawgs down low to compete with Kentucky and Duke and all the bigger schools and with Gorham Powell and Gresham and Roberts lol he’s 6’6 the size of our point guard I just see just another first or second round year for us and that’s ultimately an awesome and amazing season but we’re in this thing and we might as well win it and you most definitely don’t have to get the 4 and 5 stars at all get 2 or 3 guys around 6’9 that can move and that are athletic and understand the game put them in the weight room with Bishop and watch us start too win ball games in the tournament because we always have guards but what we ultimately need are big guys

Correct we need a dominant big man down low to win a National Championship, no one will convince me otherwise, the 3 point shot is too iffy to be on all the time, I’m just not convinced a 4 or 5 guard lineup can win it all


2018 national champ Villanova crushed Michigan 79 - 62 in the final with this starting lineup:
6’ 2" 190 Phil Booth
6’ 1" 190 Jalen Brunson
6’ 6" 209 Mikal Bridges
6’ 6" 250 Eric Paschall
6’ 8 245 Omari Spellman

BTW Michaigan started
6’ 11" 245 Maritz Wagner 25;th pick in NBA draft by Lakers
6’ 7" 230 Isaiah Livers
6’ 6" 205 Charles MAthews
6’ 4" 190 Muhamed-ali Abdur- Rahkman
6’ 0 190 ZAvier Simpson

The Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA Tournament in 2016.[9] In 2017–18, Villanova set the NCAA record for three-point shots in a season and in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.[10] After completing a 30–4 regular season, including winning the 2018 Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament, Villanova was ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll[11] and earned the No. 1 seed in the East Regional.[12]

In the first round, Villanova defeated the No. 16 Radford Highlanders, 87–61.[13] Villanova blew out the No. 9 Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 81–58 in the second round.[14] In the Sweet 16, Villanova beat the West Virginia Mountaineers, 90–78.[15] Villanova won against the No. 3 Texas Tech Red Raiders, 71–59, to make the Final Four.[16] They defeated the Kansas Jayhawks by a score of 95–79 in the Final Four to reach the championship game.[17] In their victory over Kansas, Villanova set an NCAA Tournament Final Four single-game record with 18 three-point shots.[10]

2018 NCAA Tournament Championship Game
National Championship Game
Michigan Wolverines Villanova Wildcats

(33–7) (35–4)
62 79
Head coach:
John Beilein Head coach:
Jay Wright

Michigan 28 34 62
Villanova 37 42 79
Date April 2, 2018
Arena Alamodome
Location San Antonio, Texas
MVP Donte DiVincenzo, Villanova
Favorite Villanova by 6.5
Referee(s) Doug Sirmons, Terry Wymer, Jeffrey Anderson
Attendance 67,831
United States TV coverage
Network TBS
Announcers Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and Tracy Wolfson
Nielsen Ratings 7.5 (national)
U.S. viewership: 13.334 million


I understand that but Villanova that year had some 4 and 5 stars on that roster and Mikal, Eric, Omari all are active players in the NBA right now and besides Maritz Wagner who’s a good college player and for a professional below average at best the two teams lineups are basically the same size

And we’re not Villanova or Michigan we don’t get the same talent and talent and ratings and stars don’t mean a thing all i was saying is that I think we need more bigs on our team that can actually play and bring something other to the team then just 0.9 blocked shots a game 4 points and 2 rebounds thats pathetic

We can find guards with all these talents but we can’t find a big that can average at least 12 points ans 6 boards a game something isn’t adding up

All kinda self replies in this thread… 5 stars


No, we’re not Villanova or Michigan. And, the Big E, Akeem, and Cadillac all have used up their eligibility. So, how have we been able to survive and even thrive in the world of Tacko Fall, Ben Simmons, Yor Anei, and Precious Achiuwa?

The answer is 15, as in 15 fouls to give when we put in Gresham, Fabian, and Gorham (in no particular order), each with a fresh set of legs and a bunch of Alan Bishop brand muscle on them, to joust with the opponent’s inside threat and grab some rebounds. Let the guards shoot the ball. - Yes, it may not be pretty to watch, and none of those guys will likely ever be interviewed by ESPN, but there is more than one way to win a game. Coach Sampson seems to already know about this.


Even if you have an elite big to feed he ain’t gonna feed himself. Still got to have someone to bring the ball up the court and run the offense. Guard play is just more essential to winning games in this day in age, that’s why CKS has made it more of a priority in recruiting. That said I think Powell has tremendous upside. Develop his game and add a little to his frame, then get Fabian healthy and that’s a pretty nice frontcourt.


When John Wooden won his second national title he did it with his biggest starter, Fred Slaughter, at 6’5’.

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I agree with you entire assessment…except that CKS uses his bigs to block out and lets the guards get the rebounds. Seems to be working nicely !

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Man but just think if we had a Montrezl Harrell type there wouldn’t be a team to compete with us hustling your heart out can only get you so far eventually sooner or later your going to need a man down there that’s ready for the challenge and until that day we’re just going to be talking about first and second round games

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Our bigs literally have no skills except hustle and that’s why Stewart exposed us with like 30 points

But we beat Washington and that was when their starting PG was eligible. Once they lost their point they were mediocre even with Stewart turning in monster performances. Bigs just can’t carry teams the way they used to. Like I said the staff prioritized recruiting guards early on because they knew it was the fastest way to improve our win total. Recruiting has steadily improved year to year since CKS took over, even at the 4 and 5. I really think it’s all about last year and this years freshman class. Once they’re upperclassmen we’re going deep!

We have the best guards in the country and coach Sampson has done an incredible job I’m just saying we’re 1 or 2 bigs away from something special and not 6’6 like Zanna which he hustled out there he might not of even been 6’6 I’m 6’5 and I’m an inch taller than him in person but two 6’9 guys that can actually play in the 2021 class plus a young and rising 6’10 Kyron Powell and he’s legit 6’10 and a half and we’re going to win a national championship boys

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That was a million years ago.

We have had centers who can play elite defense and do not get bullied off 5he boards.
Love how some of y’all dismiss that even though elite defense has given us our identity.
What we need to have to win it all is interior guys who can ay great D, block shots and rebound.

If they can score that is icing and helps us get to the next level.

Another thing y’all like to dismiss is Powell

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I am old but not quite a million years. I remember Noah building a big boat when I was a kid.

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Was that the boat that saved the many medical geniuses now posting on Coog fans ?