Does Cincinnati deserve a chance to play in the playoffs?

So if Alabama played Cinci’s schedule, are they suddenly not one of the 5 best teams in the country? You’re either good or your not


The way the committee thinks… yes, they are not.

Actually, I think this has been a down year in the SEC with no great teams other than Bama.

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Only scenario, ND beats Clemson again, and NW finds a way to beat Ohio St., then the chips may fall in a way to allow Cinci to get in. If Florida beats Bama, then they are both in, and maybe A&M, but I would think 3 SEC teams would be too much even for the committee.
I would like to see Cinci do it, even if they get killed like OU does every year.

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This doesn’t really work as an argument

Outside litigation, there is no way an AAC team will ever get into the playoffs, it’s clear the Commitee has been corrupted.


I think this was the plan from the beginning. The playoff is only for the “P5”


It’s not really that. The schedule just isn’t there. You can use 2016 Houston or 2017 UCF as examples all you want, but on average G5 teams cannot compete with Alabama and Clemson. The 2016 Houston roster was a rarity with a number of those players in the NFL currently. The talent gap is too wide and the amount of money invested would be a waste.

The only option for a somewhat fair playoff is an 8 team playoff with each P5 champion, 2 at large P5, and the highest ranked G5 champion.

the committe justification for the drops


I don’t buy the 2 “at large” P5’s. Why…?? Because the P5 would already be guaranteed 4 spots.

I would support 2 G5’s guaranteed with the other spot being for an at large P5. Reality is that the vast majority of P5’s are not that good. Let them win their conference.

I disagree with this excuse and this is parroting the so called P5 bias. Let them prove it on the field.This system is a corrupt money generating scheme, that showcases a few selected programs year in year out.

You either litigate to get in or opt out. Either way the status quo has demonstrated back room corruption at its core

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That sounds okay as long as the highest G5 can get in. If this isn’t the rule, then they will never rank G5s in the top 8. They just moved Cincy down to 9th.

This is an interesting point. The bottom line is this.
The NFL does not want to spend the money for a minor league system.
The NFL is in bed with the same networks that broadcast the cfp. espn, fox and cbs even though cbs lost the sec.
The P5 cartel starting their own league? They have already done so. This is why the cfp exists.
Expand to 8 teams? espn, fox and cbs pundits all said publicly that a G5 does not belong into an eight schools cfp.
The networks and the cfp wants YOU the viewing public believe that these are the best teams.
Their argument holds no water. Why you may ask?
March madness is your answer friends.
Why is it so popular?
Because a Villanova can beat a goliath. That is why.
You give the chance for Cincinnati to play Alabama.
How do you know that Alabama would crush them?
I am going to ask you again.
How do you know Alabama would crush them?
Pause, pause…
Do you want your answer?
Here it is.
What happened to the UTES after this game?
Pause, pause.
Their Senator put his foot down and demanded that they be included into a P5
Where is Utah playing now?
You know the answer the PAC12
You still do not believe these teams do not belong?
What about Louisville against Florida in the 2013 Sugar bowl?
No, no they do not belong you say.
How would you know that they do not belong or would get a beat down if given the chance?
Do you have special powers?
Sports is all about the chance to play. Momentous upsets happen regularly.
But no, your video game console is telling you this little mice has no chance against the big fat cat.


On average P5 teams cannot compete with Alabama and Clemson


The average – and even most elite – P5 teams can’t compete with Bama and Clemson either.


I should’ve rephrased what I said.

I meant to say that the the highest ranked G5 teams cannot on average compete with Alabama and Clemson. I.E. Coastal Carolina or Cincy

That’s what I said. Highest ranked G5 gets in

Lets say UH is ranked 9 and locks down the G5 playoff spot. Why would 15th ranked Boise St that went 13-1 get the spot over the loser of the SEC or Big 10 championship game

No system will be perfect. The only perfect playoff system is a 16 team playoff, but you will see a lot of elite players foregoing due to risk of injury (draft stock.)

Well, since the playoffs are only about deciding who is the best team by playing the actual games on the field…the motive (and clear solution) is to let the committee control the playoffs (however deceitful), but then divide ALL of the money evenly among ALL 120 D-1 teams.

After all, it is just really about deciding who gets the trophy…right :wink:

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Why defend a P5 if you never went to one? All I want is equality - we play in the same division, pay the same NCAA fees, abide by the same rules but can’t get access to their wealth by no means unless you sell yourself out to the fullest while a Kansas, etc just skates in by in football

They would get it if they were the highest ranked team below UH. Like I said, you have to go into the fight fighting for more than ONE spot.

Th G5’s asked for too little last time and they were thrown a bone…and took it !!

Ultimately, I think you have to make it about money to get to a lawsuit/monopoly type of thing, but I will let the lawyers on coogfans talk about that !!