Does the Big 12 REALLY need more Data?

As I read the following tweet, a thought crossed my mind:

Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN · 22h22 hours ago

David Boren said Bob Bowlsby will “re-contact those schools that have contacted us. Evaluate what proposals they may make” about joining B12

After 2 years of having a “composition committee,” and then two separate presentations for which they paid consultants millions of dollars (one with a TV network, another without one), can it really be said that they need more data regarding specific schools?

My best guess is that they already have been provided data for the best schools to add, and are simply negotiating the best deal those schools are willing to make about joining the conference.

In other words, they are now presenting themselves as PROSTITUTES! They will be asking prospects what they will offer to pay, and they will then take in the highest bidders.


Yup. It’s all about the dead presidents now. That, and finalizing a deal with UT, if possible.

I doubt the B12 are the prostitutes in your example. It would be the G5 schools that want to join a P5 conference that will be giving up the goods to get the golden ticket. UH is probably going to give up money in the short term like TCU and WV did in order to join. There will probably be other concessions but as long as UH in a P5 at the end, that is all that matters.

Think of this affair as a bidding process and the whole thing makes more sense.

So, like the Bachelor/Bachelorette show?

TV rights. All of our games will be required to be on the bonghorn network. That’s home and away. All ut games will be required to be played in NRG. Reduced slice of pie for ten (10) years and all future plans of a UH medical school are to be scuttled. Hmm. So long as NO ut-houston, I’ll CONSIDER it.

Sounds like the days of joining the SWC. The agreement there was that the first year a school visited houston, they had their chose of stadiums. Most chose rice … the dome was considered a big advantage. I hope UH does not make any deals to join little 10. Other conferences, yes.

There’s this data from CougarRed:

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SBNation also broke down as much data as possible based on the 6 criteria that Bowlsby/Boren talked about:

Ranking 8 candidates for Big 12 expansion by what the conference says it wants

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