Don't Throw Stuff On The Field

I was just as disappointed as anyone else at the game Thursday, referee calls, offense, defense, special teams, coaching, etc. However, the people who started throwing stuff on OUR OWN FIELD, that is just not what we need. We were booing because we have higher expectations and were unhappy, sure that is fine. However, throwing stuff on the field only makes the fans look worse. I realize it was only a few bad apples but it is unacceptable. Respect our stadium, respect our field, be great fans and it will help the program grow… even when the team is putting garbage on the field.

Besides, it is our own people who have to pick it up. Not the ref’s, not the opposing team and not the coaches.


I agree classless by our fans

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Watching at home it was obvious all the calls were right but I heard they didn’t put up the replay in the stadium so I’m sure it seemed like we’re get screwed.

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6 reviewed plays and every single one of them went against us by the replay official. Yes, it appeared to us in the stadium that we were getting jobbed. It was also part of the problem of what wasn’t called such as our player that got flipped and slammed to the ground after going out of bounds. Such as Ed Oliver’s arms being pulled strait back and no holding calls. Or maybe their qb standing strait back from the center and throwing the ball out of bounds with no receiver within 20 yards and the refs saying there was a receiver “in the area”. The officials managed to call us a PF on us for taunting but did not call Memphis one play later when their player went up to the student section and was taunting them. Yea it look like we got screwed.


We sit at the top of endzone and the throwing was tasteless and came from the lower student section. What bothered me more was the failure of the older group of UH fans sitting in the upper end zone who failed to clap or stand when Dillion was being walked off field hurt to the locker room. As fans we owe back to all players (both sides) our gratitude and thanks. Especially our players whom play their hearts :heart:️ out for our team and us. We owe it to them to show our appreciation and respect.

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I saw a lot of the older crowd leaving when it was 38-35. Really! a three-point game with what, 4 or 5 minutes left and your leaving. I should have said something, but it would have been rude, what I was thinking.

I wonder if security escorted those students out? They should also be denied tickets for the remaining games, although that may not be much of a punishment this year.

I would like to see a replay of (I believe) the first two punts by Memphis. . . . . looked to me like the ref’s gave the punter “forward progress” when the punts hit and bounced backward a couple of yards. The ball was placed where the ball hit and not where it was “downed”. Just looked that way to me . . . . .

Booze and youth…eh, what could go wrong

It wasn’t just the students, some came from behind me in my section.