Xfl going back to its roots… nothing more xtreme than an HR violation.

I see.

We’ve pivoted from “Dormady’s a cheater” to “the XFL has an HR problem”.

Amazing how fast we transitioned between those two false narratives.

Good to see Dormady vindicated.

I judged too soon!

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I asked a question about a guy’s work history being erased within 24 hours of an allegation. You sound like an insider. But I didn’t transition from sh#%, aggie.

I’ve worked for a couple F500 companies and one major F100 company and terminations involving major confidentiality issues are run by the most senior officers of the company and the legal team before anything is done process-wise. Non officer-level staff wouldn’t even be able to punch the appropriate buttons.

Maybe you have a different view of HR in College Station

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Roster ? ? ? ? ?

We forgive you. Print it.

Here is the most complete accounting of the Dormady story I’ve seen. It accurately describes how Deondre Francois spread the false accusations to excuse a terrible performance by Francois in the San Antonio game. The biggest hole in the story is the reaction of the Orlando coaches to the false allegations. I wonder if the XFL whitewashed the involvement of the Orlando coaching staff in order to minimize legal liability.

Dormandy BALLED OUT in his last game. They didn’t win but he had close to 300 yds passing and like 3 TDS.

He had to have won the starting job for the Orlando Guardians after that performance.

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The most unbelievable part of Dormady’s performance last week against Las Vegas is that Dormady did it off the bench! Orlando’s depth chart for this weekend shows Dormady ahead of Paxton Lynch. Lynch started Orlando’s first five games.

Dormady is my favorite non-Roughneck player in the XFL.

Roster? Don’t make me laugh. Weak azzed coaches do that.