Downloaded tickets

Got my tickets and parking passes downloaded to my phone wallet. I am ready for some basketball.


U lucky devil! I’m going to miss going to the games this year, so disappointed it filled up before we could select our seats

For this year only, why not have a ticket resell category? I know I won’t be able to attend all games. UH already has a stubhub option with hefty fees. And, unfortunately, a lot of those resales go to the opposition. And like stubhub, let the market decide the price. Adding in CP costs and FC commitments, it is almost impossible to determine a face value.

If I am unable to attend, I really would like a Coog in my seats.


Probably have a phone wallet though not sure what it really is

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I learned something new today.
I have all my tickets and parking for the season in the wallet app and even added the last football game

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Anytime u can’t go let me know, I live out of town but am in Houston a lot


If you need someone to be there, let me know. Me, my fam and fellow alums in the Coogs of CV3 are all huge Coogfans. My parents promised they’d go see Cougar Basketball this season because they like the sport. I wish they could have seen me doing Trash Can Man though :stuck_out_tongue: