Dr K planning on football

This was the last paragraph in the letter to students about fall semester
This was after they had to shut down workouts

UH games will be on : Some of you have inquired about sports, particularly football. Currently, our plan is to follow NCAA guidelines and hold games as scheduled. Of course, anything can change (and we will never jeopardize public safety), but it is our intention to bring back sports safely and smartly. Go, Coogs!
Your dream of college education is as important to us as it is to you. Do not give up on your dream without making every possible effort. I invite you to visit University’s coronavirus website for the latest updates. You can also ask us specific questions at coronavirus@uh.edu.

I look forward to seeing you in fall wearing your Red!


I think we have to plan for that.

She is planning on playing, that is for sure. However, following NCAA guidelines is a gray area for they don’t know what they are to date and I am convinced if the NCAA makes it too difficult to follow their guidelines or says not to play, there will be conferences that will blow them off. The SEC is definitely one of them and there will be more. Some will not be denied signficant revenue impacts if the NCAA guidelines and rules are considered too constraining.

Let’s just wait until JD decides if it is safe or not. :sunglasses:


That was bureaucratic double-talk for, “we want to play, but we may not play.”

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Only a few have shut it down - the rest are looking over the ledge before deciding to jump

Getting too risky by the day and you’ll go broke in supplies and trying to maintain standards before you even get to a game


If I’m placing bets, I’ll bet that the season is delayed and the games won’t be played in front of fans.


I would bet that the games are played but attendance is limited to 15 thousand at the most. With Masks and social distancing.


Any way you look at it, the season is going to be affected. How do you operate at “best” capacity for programs when players will continue to be infected and have to stay home sick or quarantine away from teams. Or, as the same thing happens to sports staff, ticket office personnel, security people, etc. No question that it is not going to be normal whether they continue to play or not.

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If not for the fact infected players will spread it to others, taking a chance on youth and fitness helping to keep most cases mild would be a decent argument to start the season. CFB is a national sport, not one limited to areas without hot spots. Despite people’s appetite for getting sports started again, I’m not optimistic we have a normal season. And hoops will tip off to the double-whammy of a Covid second wave plus flu season?

Predictably, we may have a football season which is curtailed early as (further) infections are inevitable.

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Covid killed big box retail, I have a feeling it is going to kill college athletics as we know it.

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Lowe’s and Home Depot still appear to be doing good business.

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Won’t be a problem with our fickle fan base

GEEZ, will you give me a break?? It is only for ONE year! And it is clear we intend to play, fans or no…besides, we likely will have a vaccine by end of the year, spring at the latest…

have you seen their shelves? Lots of empty space and no idea when they will get new inventory. I cant tell you how many times different stores have told me they are still waiting on a container.

We are just seeing the beginning of supply chain issues. It will get much worse and those that cant adjust will go out of business.

A friend who has a bicycle shop is sold out and has no idea when he will get stock. Service is his only income.

Aldine, I said it will kill college athletics “as we know it”. I don’t see CUSA and the Sunbelt surviving intact. The business model just flat out doesn’t work. If you play with no fans and you get very little from TV and you have enormous travel expenses, it just doesn’t work. I personally see conferences for football and basketball and regional conferences for all the non revenue sports. I honestly don’t care if the volleyball team plays Memphis or plays Lamar.

Invest in Lululemon. Their supply chain has been top notch throughout this entire pandemic.

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where are their products made? My best investments so far are not retail rather companies involved in making working at home easier. That is the future. Commuting is becoming a dinosaur.

just checked their historicals. They weathered the hit pretty well.

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Vietnam is one of their main plants for manufacturing. But they have been smart and retained a portion of manufacturing in the US to enable them to be quicker to market. Especially during times like these.

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