Dreams Do Come True

I wonder how many times Elizabeth Montgomery was asked by fans to twitch her nose? Is there a number greater than a zillion?

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When I was a ute, these were the actresses I thought were the prettiest. I still think that at their peaks, they were the prettiest.

Natalie Wood

Gina Lollobrigida

Sophia Loren

Audrey Hepburn


Check with the federal budget office. . . . .

Facts!! Easily the best looking Angel!

AH was legit.


Sophia Loren absolutely gorgeous!!


Here she is at 80


Gimme some Joan Collins, even into her 70s she was a looker. Turned 90 today!

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Yee ha! You guys may have noticed I like those dark haired, dark eyed beauties. But that’s not to say I don’t like blonds and redheads as well, I just prefer the dark haired, dark eyed beauties.

BTW, having been married to a blue eyed redhead once, I think it should be against the law for two redheads to get married. Too stormy.


Redheads are fine.

Sounds like you just got a defective one.

No offense but I always heard you need to sort through many redheads to find a good looking one. Is that true?

It could be bc redheads are Irish so there is that temper thing. Irish are hot headed . It could be good and bad all at once with red headed women. Lol

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Don’t know. I married the only one I ever dated. Red hair, blue eyes, and Irish just like me. Well I am mostly Irish with English and French.

Quiet Man will inform you about the “Irish” temperament . . . . .

Sadly, I have never had the pleasure of a red head. The one that got away.

I dated several in succession over a period of about 5 years. Loved them all, but some of the relationships ended heatedly. I was not even aware until I showed up with a lady with black hair at a family diner for my mom’s birthday and one of my brothers commented “where is your red head?” Everyone got a kick out of it, including my companion.

Brunettes are the best overall.

Many blondes aren’t true blondes bc only 12% are true with blue eyes. Many die their hair.

True blonde hair requires surprisingly complex genetics • Earth.com.

My red head was from Gloucester, Mass. Red hair, freckles and green eyes. Lost her when I went in the Army.

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Sounds a lot like my sister; red hair, green eyes, but no freckles.

don’t know about good looking, but finding one who’s attitude I could get along with was a real challenge

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