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Just pulled it up. An hour and 15 minutes, nice. Looking forward to it.

• Opened - Waiting for questions:
• Thought #15 AP ranking was too high - thought 12 or 13 sounded right.
• 2 voters did not rank Houston - Charleston WV, Albequrque, NM. WV columnist felt that UH is not that talented.
• Number of other voters had UH in the 20s
• True Frosh DE Glasgow - left the team - weeded out - not a fit. [Couldn’t hack it - KFD]
• Dane Roy - P : Would like him at punter but no new news.
• Kyle Allen did get some reps but since he is sitting, not a lot
• Talked about Stripes - Fontana a factor at G position
• Practices for the most part closed now.
• Not a lot of Big12 news. Cinncy submits their interest letter formally.
• Old news of Red McCombs / Khator meeting that happened in January
• Khator hopes being a 5th Texas school is not a roadblock to non Texas schools in B12 vote
• More questions about Glasgow- his exit is similar to JJ Dallas - speculation - no rules violations suspected
• Ed Oliver - looking great. Team mates and coaches think he is awesome. Opposing HS coaches raved about him.
• Duke Catalon - will see him today for a few minutes.
• Samples - out with a concussion - a lot of concern - third concussion at UH
• Dickson - nothing on him. Not expected until next week. Gut feeling is 50/50
• Colin Wilder - JJ Dallas departure means zero chance for red shirt. Factor in rotation and ST
• Chauntez Jackson - out with no timetable on return
• Backup RBs - mention but no info
• QB D’Eriq King - with Samples and Stevenson out - factoring in at WR - if it happens he will be WR until January then will be QB again
• WR John Leday getting a look at the slot WR spot
• 3rd string QB - most likely Bowman Sells but talking about 3rd string is bad news for UH
• More Glasgow - typical of kids dropping out during camp. It happens
• LOT - M Oliver and Josh Jones - Oliver LOT1, Denly at LG1. RG - comp between Long and Eloph is tight. Long is his guess.
• ROT - Rodgers is his guess.
• Oline is a lot healthier than last year.
• Backup RBs - mention but no info
• Samples - no update yet
• B12 - not a lot of stuff going on
• Khator and McCombs - nothing big going on
• Linebackers - Egbule and Hines comp - Hines just clicked this season and busted his but this past spring. Worked his way into the comp. Egbule dented a facemask
• WRs - Chance Allen #1, likes Lark and I Johnson. Bonner and Dunbar have matured - have to hold on to the ball. Mentioned almost every WR and that they are on the team. Thinks Chance will lead the team in receiving.
• D’Eriq King - not sure how they will use him.
• No word on season tix other than they went out
• KR - Car and Catalon, maybe Wilder on PR. One of the receivers Isaiah Johnson on PR - maybe Bonner
• Depth Chart comes out Aug 29th
• Brandon Wilson will not be on depth chart at RB
• Backup RB - none have separtated themselves yet
• Secondary - a lot of talent lost to graduation - experience lacking. Heard a lot of good things about many of them. Austin Robinson has had a good camp.
• Talking about who has lost blue stripes
• Ed Oliver is playing all three positions right now.
• WR Gage has not been with the program for some time now. Injuries and bad luck led to that.
• Opposite end of Malveaux. Thurman is one and DJ and Carter fighting for a spot. then you have Oliver. 6-7 rotation - everyone gets work
• Haven’t heard a lot about OU - social media thinks best OU team ever but others say they were in the 1970s. It will be a great team.
• Matchups with OU - RB duo is a great matchup for our D - reminds him of Fla State. 3-4 defense - If Houston shuts down running game, do you want OU passing? Tenn Tech had that one WR over 200 yards.
• Talked about Westfield using Ed as RB at goal line.
• UH D is a 3-4 but Orlando is creative with it - different looks to keep people guessing
• B Wilson was planned at nickel - Howard Wilson and Winchester at corner. Thinking about using Brandon at corner with someone else at Nickel. JJ Dallas leaving changes things.
• Dixie Wooten - haven’t heard much - probably redshirt
• Some positions were not set up to sustain over years. Had to fix that. Want no number problems in the future
• Likes covering this staff. Everyone is available - Great interviews - good talkers. Not your friends but you know the personalities.
• Herman got a staff that is top notch. Pays them well and sacrifices to keep them paid well. Staff is easy to deal with.
• Day to day recruiting stuff is not his thing. More of a Rob Sellars thing.
• New locker room is really nice.
• No new news on season tickets number
#2 RB still up in the air - no seperation - depth chart on the 29th - probably 2 or 3 getting hand offs in the first game.
• Story coming about Ward’s weapons. Concern about WRs. Where does UH go for offense
• Does UH need to sell out every game? - UH needs to send a message to the B12. If UH is going to get in a P5, then you need to sell 40K every home game. Put up now - even 11am games.
• If UH gets in B12, what are the chances of keeping Tom Herman? Even in AAC, UH has not been close to losing Tom Herman but being in B12 certainly helps. He’s making $3m now, you could pay more and recruiting gets better.
• At Big12 meetings $30.xm distribution per team. Expect to take a lesser amount schedule like TCU and WVU took. AAC was $3-3.2m payout. No matter the pay schedule, UH comes out ahead. CUSA schools get $200K payouts.
• Uniform contract - no idea
• Cougar Pride 310 suggests “Real Talk with JD” - wants to see if that name will trend on Twitter. Follow him on Twitter. Gotta get the numbers up.
• Every time it rains, Herman brings up an indoor facility. Would like a grass field to practice on.
• Not sure where we are on the funds but everyone seems pretty certain it is going to happen. Sees potential announcement by the end of the season.
• Timetable on basketball timetable is set. Most likely Toyota and NRG facilities in 2017-18. 2018-19 back on campus
• Won’t guess, won’t give bad info. .
• Baseball practice facility. The weather is delaying progress. Had to redesign a few things - siteline issues - slight tweaks. A little over budget but nothing major. Hoping for mid January completion. A huge addition.
• Any schedule tidbits - no FCS after this year. Have many B12 foes coming up. If UH joins B12, will have to look for new OOC foes.
• Sampson trying to get other schools - Georgetown fell through. Had LSU. Have not seen the non-conf schedule. Usually comes out early September. Not aware of any marquee games this year.
• Column coming out about UH - dials into meat of game vs OU. If UH beats OU, puts them in position to be in the discussion of a playoff teams. About UH - What is the culture? What is the juice?
• Hung out with Tony Levine for a day. Interesting - the preparation.
• More about Glasgow - off the team . Nothing sinister - no rules violations
• Spent 2 minutes talking about his house, his shaving habits, dating, his wife


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