Dunk signs to return at Temple game

We got word that they can’t be passed out if we put a website on there, so we must redesign them and reprint. We have 300 that we can’t use right now.

For anyone going to the Temple game, do you want signs in your section? Feel free to let us know and one of our members will establish a point of contact with you to give you a few for your group!

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What do they look like?

I hope we beat Tulsa in the road. So they can hype up the Temple game as avenging UH’s only loss. That would be enough to sell out that game.

Why not a black magic marker or a pair of scissors?


It is going to be fun:



Our guys are gonna come out mad at the world Jan 31st can’t wait.


He seemed to like my reply to that tweet.

The front of the sign is just a 10 in the UH Font. That passes (and that’s how they started out/were in the time where it started).

The back has instructions on what to do with them, a joke about UH lifestyle (commuting, textbooks, etc), and then our information on the bottom. A website (our username) and Instagram page (that I, the social media person, runs). That part will be edited to fit UH’s rules, which should be removing information.

It would have been great to hold them up during the ECU game given that The Dream was there!

As long as our goal of bringing back traditions and getting the student section alive can be fulfilled, we don’t need our website on there!

The signs can be seen here: Fertitta Center Opening Day - YouTube