E-mail President Khator? Pez? Tillman?

She made a flippant remark at a party, she didn’t make that as an actual policy statement. If you are to hold her to that as such, then I am sure you are also willing to stand by every flippant remark you have ever made at a party as the guiding policy for your family and your life.


At the time in question she was firing people for winning 8 games. I find nothing inconsistent with her statement. Things change. Circumstances change.


I’m not an appointed position of the state of Texas, she is.

See what happens to when a governor or a president says something at a fundraiser and the press gets ahold of it.

There were enough people at this event for the press to hear about it.


It wasn’t a flippant remark. It was part of a prepared speech that she made in a professional capacity.

If your boss made a remark like that – something like “y’all better meet these new sales quotas or half of you won’t be here next year” in a prepared speech at your company’s Christmas party, would you not take him seriously?


Do people here not realize she is a public official of the state of Texas?

She in the appointed Chancellor of the third largest public University system in the State of Texas.

Everything she says is a direct quote from “that” position.


Creating drama out of nothing. Around 6 million people in this metropolitan area and I guarantee you we’re the only ones that thought about this today.


I doubt it was “part of a speech.”

It was tongue in cheek made before UH supporters.

Nothing more.


We are BLESSED to have her. Look what has happened to USF since she left.


At this point, I view the “we fire coaches who go 8-4” in the same category as DaVelle Lauder references. Overused, unimaginative and not remotely funny or witty. Give it a rest.

On the 8-4 comment, people are purposely blowing it out of proportion to support their own narrative. The comment was made as a metaphor to show how far the football program has come. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Pez was emailed multiple times by several posters regarding baseball and no one ever got a response as far as I know.

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This so lame. Don’t advocate not showing up. Show up and boo if you are displeased but don’t tell people not to attend, that is super low

How do you boo and make sure the players know it is not meant for them?

I don’t boo at college sporting events.

I don’t really want people to boo, send those emails