E-mail President Khator? Pez? Tillman?

Would it do any good? How can they NOT know that Holgerson has turned this program into a complete joke? Maybe if they see fewer than 10,000 at the Temple game? I’ve seen enough and I do not plan to attend. Very sad state of affairs!


waste of time. They all have ruined this program from 2015 with this hiring.


I don’t know if Pez looks at his emails but Mac sure did. I always appreciated his responses and honesty.


I wii attend like I do every game. But I will write about my concerns.


Easy to second guess and be negative…


What is the positive when your defense gives up 77 points please explain.

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I know Pez is aware of this board’s comments. I know it for a fact. I don’t think you bog down their emails. L them sort it out.

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Didn’t one of them publicly, and arrogantly, boast that they fire coaches that go 8-4 at the mighty University of Houston?


I think she did. But everyone makes mistakes.

If you include $19 million in the email they would listen


They read emails. If they can’t answer, a deputy does. It’s how I’m able to communicate with them and have a feedback channel

I could be wrong but I believe she was at a gathering of UH people. It’s not like she scheduled a press conference and invited ESPN, in order to proclaim that statement.

The press definitely caught on.


Of course they did, she’s UH’s president. But it’s not like she was saying it to the media. She was in her home at a holiday party and said it to her guests. I see a big difference between the two.

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Probably had too much to drink also lol

So now we are talking semantics of what she 100% said in a public setting?

This is what you said. In no way do I believe a holiday party in her home with her guests qualifies as that.

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When you’re a public figure, an appointed politician, every word you say in public counts.

Somehow the press found out.

Who gives a damn? By the way, I hardly consider her own home a public setting but even if she did think that way, good for her. I like that our president wants that type of standard for our athletics, as opposed someone like Jay Gogue who didn’t give a crap.


Most everyone but you gives a damn