Early Christmas present s on Signing Day

Some unexpected, talented big guys likely signing with UH tomorrow.




I just hope we are in the Top 3 in the AAC.

Big bodies or big stars? Does Santa love us and provides both?:thinking:

They’re really good recruits. As for finishing in the top three in the AAC, we almost certainly will and are there now in terms of average rating per commit. We may end up behind schools that sign several more than we do in the overall rankings. Sellers has some really good info. That site and this one are the only two boards I read anymore.


Interesting to see what te second year of the early signing period brings. Last year over 80% of all LOI’s were signed in December and all of ours except 3 late signees came in December.

We have a small class (8th in the AAC 73rd overall) and decently ranked talent (3rd in AAC 67th overall) but we are still behind the 8 ball with what we should expect.

I do not expect us to get a bunch of 4 and 5 star kids, but realistically we should not expect to find ‘diamonds in the rough’ either. We should have more than 14 commits the day before signing day. The last 2 recruits have been below our average ranking so we are going backwards there as well.

Here is to hope!

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I dont know how Major does it

We dont even have a DC yet or even a OC with all the rumors

Major knows this could be his last year here, so he has no choice but to go all out

So your saying he would not go all out if he had coordinators?

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First, we do have more than 14 commits, and that’s with two being dropped due to academics. Second, tomorrow we should be 4th or 5th in the AAC and 1st or 2nd in average rating per recruit. When we add a few more in February, we’ll be ranked in the top three overall in the conference, not that Internet services are the ultimate arbiters of recruiting success. Why do I get the sense you won’t be back to celebrate that but instead will find something else to bash? Maybe the spring practice schedule will have too many weekend drills. It’s just as silly to complain about this class, especially given some recent commitments.


You will always have several guys rated below our average or else our average would raise and then several of those guys would then become below our average, that’s how average works.


Sam, i think Apple has done a really good job with recruiting considering all the things going on with our staff right now. i expect 4 or 5 more real good quality players between now and Feb to go along with this bunch.I think we will all be happy with the help we are getting for defense. I feel sure Apple will bring in a good OC and DC…our offense isnt going to change just because Briles leaves. We run this offense because its what Applewhite wants to run. He IS the HC…I expect a big year offensively next year with all the talent we have back, and feel sure we’ll improve on defense.


Then why was last year’s offense so different?

Philosophy was somewhat different, though we actually ran more this year. I’m not sure the offense last year with King against USF was drastically different from the offense this year against USF aside from more speed and playmakers. The biggest difference was a healthy King who had a full spring practice and summer camp as opposed to Kyle Postma and 4.6-4.7 receivers.

Aldine, I also think we’ll have a phenomenal offense next season. Decent chance it’ll be our best since ‘11.


If nothing else, CMA can definitely recruit. Haven’t understood the complaints about his recruiting as we’re seeing his recruiting shape the current offense and many of his guys are starting to fill the depth chart on defense.


Are we using this thread to track NLIs today?

I’ll start a new one

Completely agree!!! I feel that he is a good coach, very good recruiter, has mad some bad hires, but has been sabotaged by some of hires as well. People who don’t like him keep forgetting Brian Johnson was not his first choice and that our Offensive Line coach bailed on us and we had to scramble to get a new one, etc.

I hope the piece can come together for him in 2019 because I think the talent he has recruited is close to blossoming.


Doom and gloom on signing day of all days? I need to stick to the basketball board I guess.

The class is solid if unspectacular. Half of everyone around here is acting like the wheels have come off the train. They’re still bringing in talent. Yes we need to find a few more recruits but they may be looking at adding a few more JUCO guys to provide instant depth next year. Let’s at least wait until Spring football to start before we start analyzing the class in totality.


This is also the Coog way. We’ve always had guys that no one recruited and they played with that chip. I’m not so worried about stars as much as finding the guys that will make it personal and play tough Coog football for 4 quarters each week.


Payne was offered by Florida and Kentucky. He’ll be our second-highest rated recruit behind four-star DE/OLB Nelson Caesar. Huge pickup for the staff. Justin Harris is a another intriguing DL. Offers from LSU and A&M coming out of high school, and LSU was trying to get him in on an official. Also getting Rodquice Chaney signed was about the top priority. We had to have a good OT, and he’s a big local guy with offers from Missouri and Arizona.