ECU Game 3 thread (W 9-6)

Going for the sweep. Same lineup:

Wong C
Padgett CF
Davis DH
Scheiner SS
Julks RF
Triolo 3B
Lockhart 1B
Bielamowicz LF
Hollis 2B

King P

IT outage again?

ECU starting their closer today since he hasn’t pitched this weekend and their normal Sunday guy had to come in early on Friday.

Okay. We can build a new building and a giant scoreboard but we can not provide a good video feed.

On another note, very disappointed in the management at the game. I was there last night and heard a rap song played between innings with the word “mf” in it. That should never be allowed. I know cussing is normal for kids these days but we should not broadcast it. Causes parents not to bring their kids to the game.

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Top 2nd
King’s given up 4 hits in a row now including a 3 run bomb. ECU up 3-0.

Starting to worry about King again.

Feed is working now, just in time for Bolka’s HR. 1-2 count and King splits the plate with a gut fastball. Ugh.

3-0 Pirates

Thank you.

Scheiner homer in the Bottom of the 2nd makes it 3-1.

Hollis drives in Triolo to make it 3-2.

Nice response to get back in it.

2nd outing in a row where King is struggling.

4-2 after 2 straight doubles in the 3rd.

Sac fly makes it 5-2.

ECU making a pitching change here in the 3rd.

Coogs get 1 run back in the 3rd on a Padgett sac fly. 5-3

And another on a Davis bomb!

5-4 Pirates.

Hopefully this next half-inning can be a quick 1-2-3.

ECU making another pitching change in the 4th. Bases loaded for the Coogs with 2 outs and a 1-0 count on Padgett.

Padgett walks on 4 pitches to tie the game.

Let’s go Joe!


Oh well, new game and their bullpen has to be struggling.

King done in the 5th after a double, stolen base and a line out. Villarreal in.

Wild pitch scores the run. 6-5 ECU.

Coogs have the bases loaded in the 5th with one out after 2 walks and an infield single. Bielamowicz up.

6-4-3 double play kills it.

Did whoever that makes the highlight videos get a hold of the feed? Now they’re mixing in still shots of ECU’s pitcher or our batter. When will they (whoever they are) get a clue that, that is not a way to watch baseball?

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Bases loaded with one out again in the 6th after a hit and 2 walks. Scheiner up this time.

Scheiner comes through with a single to drive in 2. Coogs lead 7-6!

Julks triple scores 2 more, 9-6!

Oooo…Lockhart hit it right on the screws, but right at the 3B for a double play.