ECU is pretty good

Just watched the Tulane vs ECU game and ECU is a pretty competitive team. They opened up a can on Tulane during that first half.

ECU has an explosive offense and some athletes on defense. UCF could have some problems with them this week.

I think they will be our toughest AAC test so far when we play them after the break.


ECU is having a breakout year. They were really good when the conference first formed and it was only a matter of time before they got going again with the fan support they have. We definitely should not look past them. I’ll be curious to see what happens with UCF, they are having a weird year but are still a decent team. Seems like one of those ‘who the hell knows’ type of games.

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ECU is like us, improving week to week…Should be a real good game on the 23rd…I think Tune will be totally healthy by then and able to run as well as throw…we could be going for 6 in a row…Exciting!


ECU gashed them on the run. Mitchell had 222 yards on 15.The other ECU RB had 70 yards on 20 carries. Tulane had 2 DL’s drafted and they miss them.

UH should be able to run and take advantage of the single coverage on the WRs when they are forced to stack the line.

Need to see more of ECU. If they win at UCF its looking alot harder vs ECU on the 23d.

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Tulsa > Tulane > ECU > SMU

It will be interesting to see where we fit in the next month.

That stretch of games is gonna tell us all we need to know about this year’s team.


Beat me to it. ECU plays football the real way. That rusher is legit and their play-calling is predicated on his success. If they establish the run early you could be in for a long night. One of the only teams in the AAC that can wear you down with their line.

I like our D though.

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That ECU game is here, not there…should be a fun game to watch…

ECU is a home game for UH

Why don’t they set the time for that ecu game?

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We play Tulane tomorrow! Focus.


ESPN selects times for games 12 days in advance.

For a limited number of games, ESPN can delay announcing start times until 6 days out.