ECU is unwatchable garbage

That is all.

Go Coogs

First game of the season and they’re keeping up so I’ll give everyone a pass on looking pretty

One score game in the 4th. Lots of mistakes, but they look like they have potential.

Defense might be their weakness. We’ll see.

xDC is the Wyatt Earp of Coogfans. A “deliberate man.”

This game is better than most of what is on


ECU with a great goal line stand. Still a 7 point game with ten minutes left

They dn’n quit

The one I hate is nc state

Yes. I spoke too soon. ECU defense doing work.

Two goal line stands–one ending with a turnover to ECU on the 1, and four stops on 1st and goal from the one.

Very interesting game.

How about Iowa beating S. Dakota State 7-3.

Iowa scored two safeties and a field goal.

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ECU picks the ball, drives to a score. And then missed the PAT.

21-20, NCSTI was actually wondering if they go for 2 for the win. I’d bet the coach is wishing he did that now.

App. State giving North Carolina a heck of a scare. 56-49 right now, NC.

ECU misses the FG to win! Oh man! That is soul crushing.

ECU just took the #13 team in the country to a last drive they are far from garbage

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Tough team. Going to be a tough game.

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Rule # 1 before the season starts.

Have a guy that can kick PATs

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Kicker misses ep for tie then 41 yarder for the win. Ouch

app state going for the win

App state receiver was wide open on the 2-point play and the QB simply overthrew him.

NC just dodged a big bullet.

Shite. I spoke too soon.

App state does an onside kick. NC catches it and runs it back for a TD.

Then App State gets the ball back with 30 seconds and scores a TD.

Two-point play coming up to tie…

App State didn’t make it.

What a game.

ECU ain’t garbage. The kicker is but the team as a whole played pretty well. Been saying it for a while now but I think they’re the toughest game on our slate this year.