ECU Tulane

Tulane up 8-6 bottom of the 9th…

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Green Wave of Destiny. What an awful conference.


8-6 Final

Just a bad conference!


Congrats to Tulane, we didn’t get it done and they did.

Good Luck against LSU or a team like that in Baton Rouge.

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Props to Tulane

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Well, at least we got eliminated from the tournament by the team that won the tournament.

This should be the final nail in the coffin for ECU’s chance of hosting.

They will be a #4 seed….most likely ranked behind almost every team on the seed listing.

Popped someone’s bubble for sure.

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Tulane’s had an awesome year in sports.

UH wouldve been an ugly first round exit, maybe tulane can advance

Tulane to Baton Rouge regional.

So they stole our spot? :wink:

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No, but the 30 teams with better resumes in front of us.



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Tulane will probably get run ruled….LSU probably started laughing when they saw the bracket.

East Carolina is playing their worst ball of the season…I don’t expect much from them either.

Sampson can you put this info into a thread if it’s own so those of us Baseball nerd can follow along.

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