ECU vs. Wichita State now

Watching this on The American Digital Network. Shockers are issuing the beat down 11-1 middle of the 4th Inning. There are a group of Shocker fans giving the mouthy ECU fans from yesterday a RASH! It’s really funny to watch!


I don’t understand RPI too much, but if Wichita wins the whole thing, us sweeping them should help us, right?

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my concern is if UC or WSU wins the tourney that could steal bid from Coogs. WE know ECU, UConn are in safely and UCF & UH are right there on the bubble. Imo our best bet is for UConn to win Tourney and UCF to be eliminated tonight so they don’t move past us in rpi rankings. Up to date Houston is at #41 n UCF #43 . Going to get interesting.

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You’re correct; we want as few bid stealers as possible, even from our own conference. Root for UCONN the rest of the way.