Ed Oliver arrested for DWI, unlawfully carrying a weapon


Could be suspended for part of the upcoming season.

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver was arrested Saturday night in Houston for driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

According to Scott Engle of the Montgomery County Police Reporter , Oliver was pulled over after another driver reported that his Ford Super Duty pickup truck was “failing to maintain a lane and driving dangerously” in a construction zone.

Officers found an open beer between Oliver’s legs and after undergoing a field sobriety test, it was determined that Oliver was “impaired but by possibly something besides alcohol.”

At a loss for words.

Never expected something like this from Ed Oliver. Hoping his talent and age alone will somehow get him another chance after the dust settles…

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Not surprised after the way he quit on the team. Hope he gets himself together and doesn’t waste all that talent.

Had he stayed for his senior season, this might not have happened.

Definitely surprising. Got my 11yr old son his buffalo jersey. Really hope that he publicly apologizes and changes his way and image. Son may not he wearing that jersey anymore.

It’s been a rought time for everyone and a mistake anyone is capable of making. Hopefully he learns from this and moves forward.


Very correctable thing and wish him well in the future. I am sure he will learn from it and turn it into a positive.


Yes let’s hope so. A problem comes with
dropping large sums of money into “kids” hands.
How many of us at their age could handle being
an instant millionaire with lots of free time as well ?
Almost a recipe for self destruction for many.

His demeanor in the video , from what I could gather, is a big positive. I think he can get it turned around.

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Stupid df decision on his part.

Looks like we got some holier than thou folks posting talking about public apologies smh…


Hopefully it isn’t a sign of an underlying problem and he can learn from it and move on and learn from it. If he has a problem, hopefully he can get it corrected and be good going forward.

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It has nothing to do with age or money.

People of all demographics get pulled over all the time for DWI/DUI.

The NFL has the two other guys to worry about this weekend. This is small potatoes.


Reports are that he was headed to Applewhite’s house to get his jacket back.


This has not been a good week for NFL players. Certainly the other problems are far worse than EOs. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to get whatever drove him to put himself in this situation and get it corrected and that he learns from it.

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Thats funny

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I don’t tolerate drunk driving.

But, by the reports so far he had an opened beer can in his crotch.

I bet one or two people on this board have done that. I think it was a Texas tradition at one time. Something about cooling down the testicles before the invention of air conditioning. LOL.

Seriously, this does not mean that he has great demons that must be addressed.

I think there are also one or two unregistered hand guns out there as well.


You could argue that Herman leaving hurt Oliver more than almost any other player. It has become clear that MA ran a much more ‘loosey-goosey’ type program, where Herman’s had more structure and discipline. The players with the most talent tend to need the most structure because so many people are willing to let mistakes slide because of that talent. The increased structure, combined with potentially better coaching, could have made big Ed even better.


I don’t think it was unregistered. Just unlawful due to him being under the influence.

Also, never submit to a field sobriety test. Way too much subjectivity there. Don’t drink and drive to begin with, but never submit to a field sobriety test.