Ed Oliver Goes Full Beast Mode, Proves UH is His Team Now in Arizona Throttling:...(Note: Chris Baldwin article)

Case Keenum’s and Jeremy Lin’s biggest fan seems to have latched on to Big Ed:

This Houston season opener was light years away from last season’s uber-hyped showdown with the University of Oklahoma. But in some ways, it’s almost just as impressive a win. Going on the road and beating a Pac-12 team after a hurricane devastated your city and threw your usual routine into a chaos is no small feat.

There will be many more to come, but Applewhite clearly passed the first test of his nascent coaching career.

“I’m really, really proud of our players. They’ve been through a lot,” Applewhite says in his postgame media session. “Fortunately, not many were (directly) affected by the flood, but just the circumstances of being 19, 20, 21, 22 years old, just all the stuff they’ve been dealing with.”

I’m happy we won, but that’s quite a hyperbole saying this win was as impressive as last year’s opener. I don’t see us in the top 5 this week. Let’s take the W, clean up a lot of mistakes and move on to pummeling Rice.

That’s not what he means. This win was VERY impressive from the point of view of all the mental distractions with Harvey, some players, I don’t know which, had families directly affected. Sports victories are won mentally as much as with physical ability. I have posted on other threads my dissatisfaction with a lot of the offensive play calling, but the fact that the team was able to block out Harvey and their personal worries about family and friends enough to pull off a W on the road is VERY impressive, imho.

Impressive indeed, but I too am disappointed in some of the O play calling, but I believe CMA will straighten some of that out by next week. Further, let’s give some credit to Arizona also, they have a pretty good D, and if they had a half decent QB we would be lamenting a loss instead of enjoying a W. What can one say about Ed Oliver; one man wrecking crew. GO COOGS

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