When the message says we won’t be able to edit our messages “forever”, could someone ease clarify that comment?

That’s a good question. I will check on that. This software platform has a million features and options we can configure and extend. So this should be something we can look at. I think the idea behind it is so people can’t go back and change what they said and deny something.

This software is adamantly designed to build community.

OK what it means is that you have 5 minutes to edit your post without it creating a new version that will be in the version history for mods to see. What this does is if someone writes something terrible, they can’t go back and change it later and deny they did it.

Makes sense. But I typically edit as I post. I sometimes find errors later and change them. Has editing really been that much of a problem? Don’t get me wrong. I’ll try to work with it.

Your latest edit will still appear (I think!). Just it creates a version history. If you can’t edit let me know.

This platform is immensely powerful, and has hundreds of possible settings and I am still learning the development side of it, so it may be this needs to be tweaked.

Will do. We all want this to work. I think.

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