Elden Ring

Malenia blade of Miquella… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkk this biiiiiiiiishhhhhh!!!

A great game but not made for noobs. You’ve been warned.

Finally beat her for those interested. Lots of cheese methods out there using dex weapons but i found the mimic tear (lvl9) and the Dark Moon great sword (lvl10) to be very effective. Good luck! :sunglasses: :crazy_face:

This was my first souls game. I got it on launch date feb ??2022. Anyway it kicked my butt hardcore. Started off as a mage. Played for 10 hours just getting trounced. Started a new profile as a different character. Understood the game better. The first time I played against Malenia it took about three days worth of attempts to beat her. I looked up a cheese at that time. Swarm of flies helped me do her in. It’s the only game I have 100 % trophies on. Beat it three times in a row. Played it from launch date until late May. Probably one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve had. Each play through I discovered a missed area/boss.

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I honestly have no idea what y’all are discussing

It’s a video game available on all platforms (xbox, PS5, PC) that won Game of the Year. A very good COMPLETE game that came out at launch. Most games nowadays there has to be some download or patch or online transaction in order for the game to function properly. Not this one.

Looking forward to Fromsofts (their name, From Software) next title. :sunglasses:

I realize she’s not the first lady anymore, but should probably take this thread to politics board.

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Wait, what? lol :rofl:

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