Elephants on ice

Watched the replay on my Uverse DVR and the best line bar none was made after Wilson’s 109 7/8 kick six.

The color man said he didn’t believe the OU players even saw Wilson in the end zone and besides the sooners had their big men in abundance protecting their FG kicker and UH had their fastest men on the field …

Sooo … watching Wilson’s return according to him was like watching elephants on ice trying to stop jackrabbits.


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Watching it, I kept expecting OU players to show up on screen; they didn’t until the end and by then it was too late.

I think Herman’s quote after the game was that the coaches put in the return after the timeout by OU when they had time to think about it. Have a feeling no one on the OU side even knew Wilson was back there until he caught the ball.


Yeah I was in the corner of that end zone. They had Dunbar at about the 5. After the timeout, I thought “oh I guess they are doing a regular block formation” Because I didn’t see Wilson back there. He must have been blending in with the goal post.

Great analogy!

FG teams are not going to be able to stop a great athlete like BW once he has the ball in his hands…almost a replay of the Alabama - Auburn game when a Tiger waiting in the end zone made Saban regret trying that long FG at the end of the game…

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