Elite 11: Top Performers Day One

Some Football news that I thought my be fun for the speculators. Last paragraph caught my eye since we have offer Kopp and he’s still uncomitted. And unrated by 247. I wish those guys would get it together.

247 has rated him.

Well, there’s no composite so I guess no one else has.

Yes. So your issue is with Rivals or ESPN. Not 247. 257 is head and shoulders above Rivals and ESPN when it comes to recruiting.

HUDL video reminds me of Ben Rothlesburger (sp?). Very mature arm / touch, but Gary Ward he ain’t. That said, I’d take him in a heartbeat.

Hopefully in a few years, with some consistency in coaching and recruiting, we will have developed enough quality and quality depth in the OL that we won’t need a running QB.

Remember Case’s nickname was “Sweetfeet.” When Dana and Kliff came in, they tried to keep him in the pocket.

In the pocket, a QB has more accurate throws. Better reads. Allows playmakers to make plays. Keeps QBs healthy. Lets all 11 players make plays instead of relying on one guy to make something happen. Plus with too much running, you seem to acquire more penalties, holds, illegal man downfield, etc. JMHO.

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