Elite 8 Games 3/30,3/31

Game thread

Illinois making UConn uncomfortable

Did anyone else’s broadcast get stuck?

Anyone but UGone. Terrible conferencemates.

Alabama, Clemson again!?!?

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No one cares anymore we are out lol


When we’re out of it, I’m just basically rooting against teams. Anyone but UConn or NC State. Duke all the way I guess

UConn up by 30 no one beating them

Good lord UConn. Up by almost 40 points.

UConn looks like they aren’t going to lose or even have a close game

Exactly lol

UCONN is just something else… would have loved to have faced them in the final. I think the game would have been known as The game of the century

Honestly I tthink they would smoke us even with Jamal, but it would’ve been great to make it to the Final 4 in the first place.

We would’ve have NC State in the bag.

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yeah while our chances against purdue or uconn would have been pretty slim that still woulda been a more bearable outcome than the reality unfortunately lol

second those.

i do think the coogs would have made it to the title game but uconn is a runaway train. maybe the coogs dont get smoked but losing by 10; that’s what i would bet.

Done with March Madness this year. See y’all when the portal opens up

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It’s open what are u talking about??

I meant when we start getting some pickups

early yet, but clemson looks good, looking like the acc is showing once the tournament starts, they know what to do with clemson, duke and nc state all having chances at a final four spot.

hopefully the vols win tomorrow so there is a team i can feel good about rooting for in the final four lol