Elon Musk's 56 Billion Tesla pay package struck by courts

Even if he is the largest shareholder, he still has fiduciary responsibility to the others. Plus part of the Independent Directors job is to be asking “why” and being a backstop on decisions made by the executives that might not be in the interest of the shareholders.

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I finally saw the Tesla truck in person the other day, out running errands. It looks as flimsy as Dollar Tree toilet paper. Panels look like they could be dented by a tennis ball.

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I saw it too, been in it and it is awesome.

Dents aren’t something to be worried about with the Incel Camino. Turns out they just rust like 70’s Chevy though

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I wouldnt buy one but it is more dent resistant than steel. I remember when people were saying that about Ford trucks when they went to aluminum. Ive had one for 4yrs not one door ding. There are new metal technologies out there that are better than what most Detroit automakers have been using. If you were going to send a payload into space would you use spacex or boeing?

Btw, the only electric truck i would buy right now would be the dodge ramcharger. It is the only one that makes sense as a tow vehicle.

On the Twitter side looks like Musk the free speech absolutists that he is, banned Liam Nissan for making too much fun of him.

Which is 100% on brand

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I’m saying that’s how it looks, not the real tensile strength. It really does look wobbly. And the rust factor isn’t gonna just go away. Unless they develop some clear coating that helps.

What a wimpy hypocrite.

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#freeTheLiamNissan is trending.

Elon did not like AparthiedCylde or SissySpaceX

I think that was a parody account and nor actor. But still, what thin skin he has.

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Kinda non-sequiter analogy. I understand what you’re trying to say but I am not quite sure How this fit in the conversation since no one was comparing the rusty Tesla to any other option. Plus, I don’t know who the Boeing equivalent would be in the ev space.

Ford had this issue too a few years ago.


Are you sure about that?
Are you sure Musk deleted this guy?
Are you sure he is a wimpy hypocrite?
Now this!!!

What does my little red arrow says?
What does theliamnissan writes/says?
Are you going to apologize for these comments without reviewing the source?
You write a lot about hate on another thread. Is this Elon Musk hate? Is it rtcoog?

I’m sure he’s a wimpy hypocrite but looks like this may not be why.

I’m not an Elon musk fan. I’m pretty clear about. Funny you don’t address most of what I post on him.

Are you going to apologize for your mistake? You did insult Musk. Everybody makes mistakes rt even you.

I own it. But pretty funny for you to call someone out to apologize for a mistake.

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Good for you. What about other haters? Come on you can do it too.