Elvin Hayes

Anyone know how hard or easy it is to get something signed by the big E? Got a vintage program reprint from the “Game of the Century” I want to have him signbefore I frame it.

There is a lot of Elvin Hayes signed stuff on eBay which tells me it’s not very hard.

approach, apologize for bothering him, tell him you’re a huge fan, ask if he has time for an autograph.

im sure he’ll be happy to

edit - and have your own pen / marker


Elvin is as nice a guy as you will ever meet. He is through and through Cougar and I have never had a problem getting him to sign things for me. Just be sure and bring your sharpie with you…


We met him at a Rockets event with LSC. He was super personable and took several pics with my family and I.


It makes my heart warm to know “E” is such a kind and personable guy.

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