Email notifications

I can’t uncheck the box for email notifications.


When you try to uncheck that box, the pop up says, “Are you sure you want to be emailed for every new post? This will result in approximately 3 emails per day.”

Admin, can you turn off email notifications for everyone till you get the glitch taken care off?

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Yes we have identified and notified the developer. The temporary solution is to have an admin uncheck it.

Ok i got everyone in this thread. Steve I did not see that yours were checked. Could you be talking about some other notification.

Yeah, email notifications should definitely not be the default. Especially if you’re planning for the site to have basically any level of activity on a regular basis, email notifications for every post is going to kill some inboxes.

You didnt have any of the boxes checked.,

I’m having the same problem. All posts are showing up in my e-mail. Make it stop!!!



same here


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