Email RK

I sent her an email so please email her as well at


Ask her if Tillman, Pez and her are being proactive, etc


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Thank you.

I’m sure the only thing standing between UH and the B1G is that RK is waiting on an email from me before she asks.


WOW! An email! Who knew all it took was an email to go P5.


We all know she knows what’s up, but hearing from all us won’t hurt


Forget the email. Buy season tickets instead and show up for games instead!



Too late for that, things are in motion, we should have been doing that years ago!


Get ready for a blanket statement reply “we are aware of the situation and always working in the best interest of the university of Houston…”

If you get a thorough, insightful and personal reply to just you from RK, by all means please share!

Of course if we sold out stadium this year it would look good

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She did tell me personally a few years back PAC 12 is option but ACC would be where we end up, her and her husband both told me

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This. We’ve been aware of this for the last 6 or 7 years.

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You know sometimes you just have to send an email, to make sure people are doing an obvious part of their jobs.

I do hope a few of the responses emailers get when they email about this topic is just this letter.

Dear UH Fan,

Regarding your questions about conference realignment. Unfortunately Dr. Khator and Chairman Fertita are unable to do anything because they have been living in a cave, under a rock, with their eyes shut and fingers stuck in their ears. Therefore are completely unaware of any major happenings in the college sports landscape.

Enjoy the forthcoming college athletics apocalyptic dystopia, and as always Go Coogs!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Renu Khator


She told me they were on it but please email her as well. Each email really counts as a whole lot of care.

This is dumb. Everything she has done since she stepped on campus has been to improve our standing to get into a better conference. She has participated on a number of boards as well. To now think that her, Pez, and Tilman are not all over this opportunity is a bit ridiculous. Past regimes were asleep at the wheel, but this mgmt team is on it. Buy tickets and get others to do the same instead.


Yep. Buying tickets helps. This is why it’s so critically important for Dana to win this year. An average or below average season could potentially be costly

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The reply will probably be from her assistant.

Nothing wrong with sending an email and being interactive with the Pres. I don’t think she minds having the fans being excited about potential opportunities.

I’ll be “the guy” that says perhaps what others are thinking but afraid to say. It is more important than ever for Dana to improve his public persona and become a more positive public figure for the program. I religiously watch UH head coach press events (both FB and MBB), and Dana doesn’t come off as the most press friendly guy. Perhaps you can get away with that if you’re routinely competing for the conference championship, but at this critical juncture playing well with others and building rapport with local and national press is more important than ever. Compare and contrast with CKS, who is constantly “out there”. Nuff said, I’m donning my protective body armor in anticipation of the incoming arrows.


Dr. Khator knows what’s up.
More productive would be emailing your state representatives.