Emerging North Carolina Pipeline

So how is it we suddenly have this pipeline to elite NC basketball players?

Rob Gray first, then Nate Hinton, and Caleb Mills has committed for next year.

I know that Coach Sampson is from NC. Does he have a strong network there? Or is it the kind of deal where Rob Gray was freinds with Hinton who is friends with Mills, etc.?


If they’re friends that would be one hell of a team down at the neighborhood park.

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Mills and Hinton are very close friends.

Interesting…North Carolina is in ACC Country. It seems we get more respect outside of Texas than in it.

Keep building our Basketball program till we are a no-brainer addition for basketball rich ACC!


[quote=“UH1927, post:4, topic:16630”]
Interesting…North Carolina is in ACC Country. It seems we get more respect outside of Texas than in it.

It’s been like that since we got in the SWC and ATM and UT went on the “Cougar High” campaign

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kellen sampson worked at app state for a few years (in north carolina), he has strong ties there recruiting wise

we have strong ties based on our assistants-
kellen is our NC guy
quannas is our Louisiana guy
brooks is “supposed” to be our texas guy

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Bingo! If you want to be around strangers who have a higher opinion of our school, leave Texas. Ok maybe give the state of West Virginia a few years.

CKS has a ton of family in North Carolina. Every time we play at ECU, we have a large contingent there to support UH because of the family connections.

COACH HAS DEEP NC ROOTS. Sampson was born in the [Lumbee] Indian community of Deep Branch [Robeson County, North Carolina] where he excelled in the classroom and the athletic arena during his prep days at Pembroke High School, Sampson was captain of his high school basketball team for two years, and played for his father John W. “Ned” Sampson. His father was also one of the 500 Lumbee Native Americans who made national news by driving the Ku Klux Klan out of Maxton, North Carolina in what is annually celebrated by the Lumbee as the Battle of Hayes Pond. Later he played at Pembroke State University (now [UNC Pembroke] concentrating on basketball and baseball. The point guard was team captain for the Braves as a senior and earned four letters in basketball and three in baseball. He earned Dean’s List recognition throughout his collegiate career and received the Gregory Lowe Memorial Award as the school’s outstanding physical education major his senior year.


Armoney Brooks is recruiting Texas???

Alvin Brooks - Former head coach, now assistant coach

Eat some tomatoes n ketchup Thomas. :grin::grinning:

Alvin has been around the block few times. I would say he’s old but being he’s only 2 months older than me…maybe not. He looks older than me. :grin::grinning:

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I made the comment about Brooks being sarcastic. Precisely my point…Brooks was the HC and now the assistant, but couldn’t get it done when he was the HC but now they have him recruiting TX as an assistant???

Brooks recruited Alley, White, Harris and Davis


Yep; Brooks is a good recruiter and a good assistant coach. Don’t want him to be a head coach again, but he’s earning his spot.

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I’m not sure which Davis you are talking about but it was neither

Corey has always known quannas from the Louisiana aau circuit for years, Corey almost went to WKU when quannas was there. The moment we hired quannas he dropped WKU and we became the favorites

Devin Davis has ties to Sampson from his Indiana days

The other 3 I love but werent highly recruited

When Brooks first arrived here as a HC he was killing it on the recruiting trail. He was not able to to sustain it and not all of them panned out.
G. Rob SR, Adrian Taylor, Kirk Ford, Kenya Capers, Tommy Davis, Damon Jones. Tim Moore also, I think, arrived during this time.

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Or more accurately, the Cougroe High campaign. They were a bunch of scumbags.

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Was Adrian Taylor the huge guy that got winded trotting out onyo the court?

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