Epic choke by Loserville

Y’all really need to go find the highlights of the UVA-Louisville game tonight.

That was one of the most epic chokes I’ve ever seen. Up 4 with 0.9 seconds left, and Louisville found a way to lose.

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Typical Loserville…now I need to see the tape of THAT loss…I thought nothing would top the Oilers 35 - 3 game, but this one may be close!

Actually, that would compare to what Reggie Miller did to the NY Knicks…

or TMAC against the Spurs…


From 2:28 on -

I wonder if Adidas calls Louisville and asks for some money back every time they lose…


With our history, do we really have room to talk?


Unless you mean our history of abortions, hookers and payoffs, yes.

The logic of that made no sense to me. Why would we only have room to talk if we don’t include those things? Obviously I’m talking about epic chokes anyway. We have our fine share of epic chokes.

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