ESPN Basketball Power Index Leader - Houston

Houston #1 in BPI.

Also #1 in RPI.


that’s somewhat surprising….but it doesn’t take into account team composition….no way to factor in the loss is sasser and mark.

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I’m sure Oregon beating UCLA and Wisconsin beating Ohio State helped. Even Oklahoma State losing to a ranked Texas Tech squad probably doesn’t hurt.

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I’m still trying figure out how Coogs consistently rank near the top in so many analytical peripherals (BPI, NET RPI) when their SOS has never been all that great. And this goes back to even 2018 when their current tourney run started. They’re also every year one of a small handful of teams ranked Pomeroy Top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. I gave up a long time ago how each of those metrics is tabulated. But a few of the things I’ve been able to put my finger on is Coogs overall point differential is high (16.7), overall losses are low (5.7 per season, translating to high .828 winning percentage) and point differential of those losses is low (5.6) over the last five years, including this year. Throw out five of the 26 losses by 10 points or more, and the loss differential is just 3.5, including 10 (38 percent) by just 2 or less. So, may not be the schedule you play, but what you do with that schedule. In short, Coogs win the games they’re supposed to win and when they lose, even that is in quality fashion. That would be my guess. Anyone else have a theory?

Other things that are helping us would be BPI rating us highly in the preseason and Wisconsin blossoming into a top 10 team after Maui

We have a dang good team is all I know. They contest everything the other team tries to do. It’s awesome to watch.


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