ESPN Big 12 blog predicts Week 1

Predicting an OU victory, 45-42:

“I played it that way on Xbox! On Heisman level!”

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Apparently this guy has never seen the 3rd Ward D play. The Cougars’ “A” game would not allow 45 points to anyone. Orlando will make sure OU is not the exception to the rule.


I agree, I just don’t see our defense giving up 45 points. I think what we lost in the secondary we gain in the trenches and that will in turn help our secondary.

I think we might of lost stiff in the secondary, but we aren’t weaker than last year because of what we got to make up for it.

We gave up 28 to SMU, I could see OU putting up 31-35. But then again UT held them to 17? Was it?

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SMU’s offense last year was no slouch. They put up 40 on a good Temple defense. And true to form for us, our defense was barely mediocre in the first half and nails in the second half. I think with a full year in Orlando’s system, plus Juco transfers and returning experience from last year’s secondary, we won’t lose much on the defensive side of the ball. Not to mention our D-line should be even better this year than it was last year. And last year it was really good.

Jordan Thomas might have trouble intercepting that pass considering he was arrested last night…

top story on CFB Reddit right now.

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This would be strike 4 for him. For one of his previous strikes he had to sitout the game against the Mighty Mighty Akron Zips…

Stoops and OU will followup with a suspension during game 2 or after the season is over… He/they do a piss poor job with accountability.

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You are correct. He’ll either be suspended for the first game or kicked off the team considering this isn’t his first time in the principal’s office. Boomer might be breaking in 2 new CBs against Ward and our WR corps. Advantage Coogs!

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They’re going to get yards and points through the air, but I think we shut down their running game and make them one-dimensional. That would allow Taylor and Bowser and Wilson to come hard after Mayfield. I’d guess 35-31, 34-28, something in that range.

Somehow I doubt that one. I know we’re intimidating, but we’re not Ohio State intimidating.

They play ULa-Monroe in game 2, Ohio State in game 3.

Saw this and also saw he won’t be suspended for Week 1 due to the dismissal.

OU’s Jordan Thomas will not be charged in connection with June arrest

Officials with the Cleveland County Courthouse said the interference and assault and battery counts have been dismissed, and a deferred sentence has been set on the public-intoxication count. Jordan has paid a $200 fine plus court costs for the public-intoxication count, and the count will be dismissed as long as he doesn’t get cited again by Feb. 11.

lol we all knew he wouldn’t get suspended.

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